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October 8, 2010

Innumerable Fab Friday

Yes, that’s right…for the second week in a row I find myself unable to count to five. I promise it’s just because we’ve had so much fun stuff going on around here that it’s hard for me to narrow down my fabulous list…and is no way related to the mush-inization of my brain (I hope!).

Daddy has been home with us this week for Fall Break, so we’ve had lots of fun adventures, and even a couple of breaks from our regularly-scheduled programming.

The girls…

· ...had their first taste of Krispy Kreme…they each ate about 1/3 of a blueberry cake donut, but I think they would have eaten three each if I’d have let them!
· …got new tennis shoes…so cute!
· ...ate lunch at Chili’s, and even tried a couple of chips…B loved them, but A kindly spit them right back out…hmmm…
· …got some new fall and winter clothes (from Carter’s at 70% off + a coupon), and I can’t wait to see them model all the cuteness!
· …”played soccer” in the park…they loved RUNNING on the fields, and playing on the swings and slide, too, of course!
· …enjoyed swinging really high at the park, and B didn’t even get scared!
· …went down the slide by themselves (the teeny-tiny baby slide, with Daddy at the top and Mommy at the bottom)!
· ...enjoyed our annual trip to the pumpkin patch, where they greeted all the animals at the petting zoo, climbed on a big toy tractor, went on a hay ride, and tried to commandeer Mommy’s apple cider slushie!
· their first taste of chocolate ice cream, and I think they’re in love!

And during the girls’ naptime, while Daddy was home, Mommy…

· ...went on two lunch dates with girlfriends – sushi one day, and Mexican the next!
· …enjoyed hazelnut coffee – in a mug – at Panera, by herself, while she read a book in a big cozy lounge chair by the fireplace!

And after the girls were tucked in tightly for the night, Mommy and Daddy…

· …reveled in watching the Bama / Florida game on Saturday!
· …enjoyed watching a few DVR’d shows together (with the cat, of course) on the couch!

AND we got the majority of the backyard landscaped this week! The girls were enthralled watching “the man” work again, and we’re that much closer to a swing set in the spring!

I could have written entire posts on each of these bullet points, but I unplugged a bit myself this week. I know I missed recording a lot of great details, but I just focused on enjoying this fabulous week.


MultipleMum said...

Sounds like a fabulous family holiday week! Yay for you :)

A & B have one up on me. I have never allowed myself to try a Crisy Creme. I think it could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship that I wish to avoid!

Rebecca said...

Unplugging is good...

All of that alone time sounds heavenly!!!

Sadia said...

Fun, fun, fun! Unplugging is a good thing!

Oh, a book, alone, sounds divine! I know Lucas would give me that time in a heartbeat, but I also want to have every moment with him that I can before he leaves! Quandaries ...

reanbean said...

Your week sounds amazing! I am especially jealous of the "during the girls’ naptime, while Daddy was home, Mommy..." part! We're still dealing with horrible out of the crib behavior, and naptime (when I'm on duty alone) seems to be when they are at their worst. I'm hoping we'll have in under control soon (I'm sure a whole post on this topic is coming), and then I'll have to be sure to sneak in some "me time" too.

p.s. Dealing with the Vaseline clean up was a nightmare. I finally got it out of their hair with some Dawn dish soap. Tide would have been the next thing I tried. :o)

Cottongirl7 said...

Sounds wonderful! Your "reading" of the stories with the girls sounds too cute. My girls are only a year and 4 months and don't say a lot yet, but I know how much things can change in a few months. You have given me something to look forward to! Thanks. Two lunch dates with, I'll bet you feel spoiled. It's really nice to get a little time to remember what you did before you had kids isn't it. Glad you had such a good week.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

So.... you may have figured that I can't see your comment form again at work!

I have to email posts home to comment on them. Grrr.

Nevertheless, your week sounds great. It's the little things, isn't it?

And I'm jealous of your two lunch dates. BUt most of all, of your alone time at Panera. Fantastic for you though to have such a lovely solid block of time while the girls nap.

How old were yours when they started walking?