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October 1, 2010

Fab 5 (er, 6) Friday

I just couldn’t narrow it down to the top five highlights of the week, so here are the top six most fabulous

1) There is a huge soccer complex next to our neighborhood, and on Sunday afternoon, we took the girls there to play. The adjoining fields were empty, so they ran, and ran, and ran, falling only occasionally and giggling all the way. They even got to “kick” around the Size 3 miniature regulation soccer ball their daddy got them…and seeing that made Daddy’s week, and probably his month, too!

2) As the weather is finally cooler, I’ve gotten to break out some of the girls’ new fall clothes. They have a renewed interest in socks – one of their favorite “toys” – and Mommy loves dressing up her doll-babies. :)

3) I love seeing how Baby A adores her dolls. She’ll be walking around with one, and I’ll tell her it’s time to come eat. She will hug her doll, and kiss it, and stroke its head before she finally puts it down. And then we both wave “bye-bye” to tell Dolly we’ll be back in a few minutes.

4) I bought the girls a new type of sippy cup this week, and they have been SO excited over them. They exclaim, “New cup!” every time they see them, and they’ve been much better at drinking all their milk / juice from them. Even for the girls, I guess it’s the little things!

5) I returned home from a quick 45-minute errand on Thursday afternoon. The girls were standing at the gate, so excited to see me. Daddy said, “Tell Mommy what you wanted to say,” and they both said, “We miss you!” I got tears in my eyes! I’m not certain they know exactly what that means…but to know Hubby thought to teach them that, and how proud they were to tell me…priceless!!!

6) For a week or so, the girls have been requesting / declaring, “Hugs!” “Kisses!” This week they added “Snuggles!” to the list. If hearing their little baby voices with their little baby lisps saying, “S’uggles!” isn’t the cutest thing I’ve ever heard…I don’t know what is!

We're so excited that Daddy will be out of school for Fall Break this coming week...we're looking forward to many fabulous adventures!


Sadia said...

How fun! We asked Jessica to define "snuggle" for us, and she told us, most seriously, "'Snuggle' means 'squish up'."

Toddler soccer - there are few things more fun!

Anonymous said...

how cute. sounds like a fun week :)

we don't have any dolls yet...unless you count cookie monster, lol. maybe we should get some.

any thoughts on the new sippy? is it one you would recommend? we have 4 different kids so far and have not really found one that we love.

Beth said...

That's a pretty good week! So sweet that your husband taught them to say "Miss you." I'm sure you just melted on the spot!

I know you could never resist a request for "s'uggles!"

It is so much fun watching them grow and learn.

Cottongirl7 said...

Funny, before I had my twins I never would have thought a sippy cup would make a top 5 list. Now, I chatch myself wondering " I wonder what type she got." :) My girls love the ones with the straws. Dollies are a big hit around here too. We got our first one last week here, and it was amazing how much more they liked them than the stuffed animal type. Two cheers to your husband for teaching the girls something so cute. I was lucky enough to come home and learn that my husband had taught our girls how to say "mudd butt." We had a bit of a stomach bug going around here, but still. I think I would have preferred "We missed you!"

Marcia (123 blog) said...

OH my word - I MELTED!

Love number 3, 5 & 6.

At the moment, I don't want to talk sippy cups and straws (I have issues) because ridiculously young kids are drinking from straws and mine... well, let's not go there :)

Hope you're having a FAB weekend.

My hubby loves that I taught the kids to kiss :) I have my priorities straight - they can't do normal stuff, but they sure can kiss LOL

Rebecca said...

I firmly believe that little girls treat their dolls how their mothers treat them. That means you're doing an awesome job. Little boys are another story entirely!!!

MultipleMum said...

I like Rebecca's doll theory. The Minx barely goes anywhere without hers :) Another great list.

reanbean said...

Sounds fabulous, as always!

There's an indoor soccer field in our town that is open two mornings a week for toddlers and preschoolers. They put out soccer balls and some toys, but my guys just love running back and forth across the field. It's nice when things they find fun can be just that simple.