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October 29, 2010

Fab 5 Friday

Another fabulous week!

1) On a walk earlier this week, it was so sweet to see the girls interact beside each other in their stroller. Baby A kept asking for “Hugs!” and “Kisses!” Baby B would lean over to oblige. I also watched them holding hands. I don’t know if it was the beautiful crisp fall weather that inspired them to be so affectionate, but I sure enjoyed the view!

2) We’ve been playing a game where I’ll say, “Give me a ‘knee kiss’,” and the girls will stick out their knees (or whatever body part) for me to plant a kiss. The idea of an “elbow kiss” apparently hit a chord with them…they’ve been requesting “Elbow kisses!” all week.

3) I think the girls are starting to engage in some pretend play. They’ll bring one of their stacking cups to me and say, “Mommy drink it!” I’ll pretend it’s milk, or water, or juice, and tell them how good it is. I was surprised (and maybe a little shamed) when Baby B brought me a cup and said, “Mommy, coffee!” I guess she knows how to make me smile!

4) In more pretend play, I watched Baby A playing with her doll. She was saying, “Tickle!” and touching under the baby’s chin.

5) We’ve been showing the girls their shadows for a long time now, often inviting them to wave to it. Baby B stood on the changing table as I was getting her dressed one morning. She started waving and said, “Hey, shadow!

The girls are saying and doing new things at what seems like a mile a minute…I’m loving it all, and just trying to keep up!


Rebecca said...

So much fun when they start pretending...Hailey always makes pancakes and then gives me a taste...they're always delicious and she toddles off saying "delicious!"

Have so much fun with this...I know I am!

Christina said...

Awww, they are always doing the cutest things. :) How adorable they were holding hands and giving kisses!!

Eileen said...

Loved reading about your children's interaction. I look forward to watching my twins give each other hugs some day too! Visiting from Multiples and More.

JenM said...

So sweet! I love the interactions between them and watching them play. It's so funny to see them doing things you do. Maggie has a really funny phone conversations :-)

I would love to see mine giving more affection, we can kinda get it at bedtime, but the rest of the day their interaction is not always sweet (aka hitting and swiping).

reanbean said...

How wonderful! I am loving the pretend play stage. It started out so simple, the way you've described it with your girls, and then just evolved into all these scenarios with tons and tons of details. So much fun to watch and so telling of all the things they observe and pick up from the adults around them.