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October 26, 2010

Unintended Vocabulary

…and I’m not talking about four-letter words!

These days the girls are truly like little sponges, picking up so many new words, phrases, and skills Hubby comes home in the afternoons and asks, “What did we learn today?” and we almost always have a new party trick to show him.

There are a few things that the girls have picked up recently that are, I guess, a sign of the times…things that I really wish they’d instead have reserved valuable grey matter real estate for something more useful right now…like the table of elements…or maybe potty training???

Halloween Lore

I’m all about dressing up my sweet ‘lil pumpkins for the upcoming holiday, carving jack-o-lanterns, and maybe even eating some candy (meaning, maybe I’ll let them have a bite before I eat it all). But at this tender age I hadn’t really intended on teaching them words like “ghost”, “witch”, and “skeleton”.

The girls are accustomed to me narrating everything on our daily walks and treks to the grocery store. With all the Halloween decorations that have been up for weeks now, I just wasn’t able to maintain their attention with other riveting sights (“Look at the pretty shrubs!” “Over there is the dog food!”) on a consistent basis.

The funny thing is, they’re not frightened of these creatures. They wave to the neighbor’s spooky ghosts hanging in his yard, shouting, “Hey!!!”, just in the same way they get excited over seeing a squirrel cross the street. I'm hoping this "bravery" lasts to see them through nightmares and monsters under the bed.


The girls each had a touch of a cold last week, and as a result, the poor babes can rattle off a few new words and phrases…

Medicine…nose better!” (They say that rather excitedly, as I guess the stuff these days tastes pretty good.)

Temperature!” (They say that with a considerable degree less of excitement, when they spy the thermometer.) :)

And when they started saying, “Benadryl!”, I knew it was time to get better, fast…lest passersby think I drug the kiddos on too-regular of a basis.

I guess this is just a little reminder that they’re eyes are watching me, and their ears are listening.

We’ll try our best to continue to keep the four-letter words at bay, and to remain stealthy in sneaking in that mid-afternoon chocolate snack.


posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

It's great they know all the good words & nothing wrong with skeleton, my guys were really into anatomy & knowing about bones from a very young age, build on it!! Ghost, well we grew up with the Casper cartoon just fine. You should be right for the ugly rude words until they meet THAT child at preschool, but mine never copied, they know they're not appropriate or acceptable at home, so they don't say them. You're doing an ace job!! Love Posie

Mohini said...

My two want me to take their 'tempature' all the time - something about the thermometer-in-the-ear they like very much. So now, if one has a fever I have to take both their temperatures in both their ears.

Rebecca said...

We're going through the same thing here. Last night Husband smacked the dog for eating the Crazies' snacks and Matt came right over and said, "No hit hit dog...not nice." He got schooled!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

We had to make like medicine was a wonderful thing to get them to open their mouths so now my little "drug addicts" CRY for more!


Hope they're all better

Greta said...

Don't you love when they start picking up on EVERYTHING?! Your girls are very cute. I also really appreciate your openness and honesty on your blog. Very refreshing.

Unknown said...

My Bella is quite the little parrot now a days too. I wonder where she picks up some of these things!

Helene said...

You mean giving them Benadryl on a daily basis isn't okay? I kid (maybe)

reanbean said...

They do absorb everything so quickly, and it just never stops. At times, I know I'm intentionally trying to give them new words and phrases, but often, they're picking up on things that I'd never intended for them to. And recently, Tiny has begun saying things (no four letter words) that I didn't intend for her to repeat. Like last week, when I complained to myself about a chore that T hadn't completed. She was sure to tell Daddy all about that when he got home, but couldn't seem to remember a single detail about the playdate we'd had. Hmmm....