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October 22, 2010

Fab 5 Friday

Despite some continued sleep challenges and the onset of the season’s first runny noses, this was still a fabulous week…

1) I am beginning to feel like the girls have “friends”, which is just so sweet. We attended a birthday party on Saturday, with three other sets of twins, including the birthday boys. The girls had a blast, and they’re still talking about Kate, Ava, and Mattie. They’re also still talking about the “birf-day par-tee”, too.

2) On Saturday afternoon we took the girls to the mall to “practice” walking (i.e. being out of their stroller in public, which doesn’t happen very often!). They were the most adorable little things ever…the girls held hands in between Mommy and Daddy. Sure, we took up more than our fair share of the walkway, but I hope the cuteness pardoned our sprawl.

3) I was gone for a couple of hours on Sunday afternoon, to attend our MoMs meeting. When I got home, Hubby asked the girls to show me what they’d learned. They now know index finger and pinky finger. How Hubby thought to teach them something so random, I don’t know…but it still cracks me up!

4) I took the girls to story time at the library on Tuesday…by myself! Although they initially wanted to explore their new surroundings (which made Mommy a wee bit nervous), they settled down once the activities started. They did great, and I think they really enjoyed themselves, too. AND Mommy was even “chill” enough to let them PAINT during the craft time. Granted I only lasted for about 60 seconds, but I’m still pretty proud of myself! HA!

5) The girls both said “G’anddaddy” on the phone to my dad this week, and I just loved hearing him laugh.

Even amid snotty tissues and spoiled naps, there’s still so much to appreciate!


Posie Patchwork said...

This is so adorable. I remember those days. My twins (now 9) have always had different friends since they started preschool aged 3 & often get invited to a party on their own. They have been in seperate classes too, really helps them grow as individuals. They are the least alike of my 4 children & never seem to clash so they are best friends at home, it's a beautiful relationship. I find they have to spend uninterupted time together each day, they don't announce it, it just happens, really sweet. All the best to your twins & their milestones, love Posie

Christina said...

Glad you had a great week!! :)

Marcia (123 blog) said...

All four of us have snotty noses!

And I just sneezed so hard my laptop fell off my lap and onto the floor, so I think it's time to take some pills and get to bed (it's 8.26 here so VERY early for me)

LOVE the idea of the four of you walking :) and well done to B and A on "grandaddy"

I am VERY proud of you for the painting! I still remember what you said on my post about getting on the grass LOL

Sonora said...

I hate the running nose season. We are already on cold number 2! I'm glad you had a good week. I think it would be so fun to go to a party with other twins and moms of twins. I have a couple of friends with twins, but they live in another state. I am keeping my fingers crossed that someone I know will get pregnant with twins!
The Library always makes me nervous too. It is so quiet and there are so many things I don't want the kids to touch. I tend to steer clear of the library still. I'm going to give it a few years. Good for you for going!

Cottongirl7 said...

Sounds like a wonderful week. We have the runny noses here too. Love the Granddaddy on the phone. My dad has been trying to get the girls to say that since they were about 1 month old. I keep telling him any day. Haven't braved the library yet either, maybe when they are a wee bit older and Izzy isn't taking so many nose dives. Also love the random lesson of the day by your husband. Too cute!

MultipleMum said...

Storytime at the library must be a universal thing 'cause we have them here too.

Lots of fun at your place again this week.

I think the absolute cutest thing that happened with my two was when Dew Drop took a tumble at a birthday party and the Minx rushed over to help him up and pat his head "You okay Jakey?". A friend of mine caught it too and had a little tear in her eye when we exchanged a look :)

reanbean said...

I'm glad storytime went well for you. We started going when my guys were just about A and B's age, and they LOVE it. So jealous that your library does a craft too. We just get stories and songs. :o)