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July 31, 2010 the Park

...I think it was the 31st of July...

Hubby and I took the girls to Yoga in the Park this morning. They're still a little young, but I knew they would enjoy being outside and seeing the other kids.

I was able to coax them into doing several kiddie yoga poses by asking them to show a certain animal in baby sign language. They showed "giraffe" for tree pose, for example, and "bear" when they were asked to hug themselves. From afar, they just might have looked like miniature yogis, at least for a few select moments.
(Here we are with Auntie Shanda, the yoga instructor and my BFF...)

After the class, we spread out our blanket and enjoyed a little snack. Then the four of us kicked around the ball. Well, at least the intent was for the four of us to kick around the ball.
In actuality, Baby A alternately kicked the ball (she's actually pretty good at it!) and ran like a crazy lady, squealing all the while. Baby B alternately ran with the ball in her hands and rolled around in the grass, laughing at herself.
And while the crazy-lady-running and rolling-and-laughing made Daddy a little nervous, Mommy just loved seeing her baby girls having a good time.
(This picture makes it look like the girls are focused on playing soccer...especially in their Puma outfits!)

After such a fun-filled morning, the girls had a great afternoon nap, and we took things pretty easy the rest of the day. We had an extra long scrub in the tub before bed to rid ourselves of the remnants of the park (and the peanut butter we had for lunch, along with the chicken in cream sauce, avocado, and watermelon we had for dinner...the girls had it EVERYWHERE!).
Ahhh...gotta love the weekends!


Christina said...

Sounds like a fun, fun day!! :)
PS-I finally bought an avacado. Now what the heck do I do with it?

Sadia said...

Weekends really are a gift, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

They were PERFECT little yogis!! :) And we all learned "giraffe" from them, which I had been struggling to figure out! Thank you so much for bringing them - love you!

reanbean said...

Sounds like a wonderful Saturday in the park. Glad to hear you all enjoyed some family fun outside!

Deanna said...

Precious! I am hoping we can spend more time outside like that in the fall when it starts to cool down a little. I'm a sissy in the heat! : )

Beth said...

So cute! I'm sure your girls were the cutest little yogis ever!