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July 18, 2010

Blog Posts Fly When You're Having Fun!

Wow…100 blog posts already!!! When I started this blog on January 3 of this year, I never would have guessed I would have posted 100 times in just over six months!

I was inspired to start blogging by a couple of friends whose blogs I read from time to time. I thought it was pretty cool that they had their own little corner of the internet where they could post their innermost thoughts and feelings…and pictures of their kiddos, of course.

I wanted to join in the fun, thinking I would try to post twice a week. I thought I would challenge myself to reawaken my dusty creative writing skills, and that I would probably alternate that with a recent picture now and again.

Little did I know that there was an entire Blogworld to be discovered!

I have had so much fun over the past six months, reading blogs and meeting other blogger moms. The vast majority of the blogs I read are multiples blogs. I love seeing how other moms balance it all (and somehow still have time to maintain awesome blogs!).

Some of my favorite blogs belong to those moms whose kiddos are just a bit older than mine. Reading about their adventures, trials, and tribulations gives me a sneak peek into what I may be able to expect in a few months.

The blogs I read are funny, inspirational, informative. I truly feel like I learn something every single time I sit down in front of the computer…maybe a craft to make, or a recipe to bake, or an activity to try, or a cool camera angle to finagle. I have gotten some valuable sage advice from several fellow moms, and I hope I’ve been able to pay it forward by imparting a little wisdom here and there, too.

And for me, blogging has become a fun creative outlet. I have kept a journal of the girls’ everyday adventures and major milestones, along with my thoughts and feelings on the matter, since they were about a week old. I enjoy crafting some of these observations into blog posts. You know you’re hooked when something crazy / funny / maddening happens, and you immediately think, “At least this is good fodder for the blog!

I had the opportunity to complete a Neilson TV panel diary last week. (For a cool $30 in cash, I just had to take note of what television programs I watched during the week. That’s the most money I’ve made in the past 18 months!) At the end of the week, I was amazed to see that I had amassed only 3.5 hours in front of the boob tube, most of that coming on one evening where I just “vegged” after the girlies went to bed.

It would probably amaze me in a different way if I were to keep a log of my computer time. Gulp! But I would defend my love of my laptop by saying my newfound hobby is fun, entertaining, educational...and it helps remind me I’m not the only whacky mommy who records how many times her kiddos poop each day.


Christina said...

I love blog land too. :) I'm so glad we met!!

Anonymous said...

:) happy 100! you are definitely paying it forward to me!! i love being able to see what's in store in a few months! i just need to find the time to post more than once a week (or once every two weeks...oopsie)

reanbean said...

So true! Congrats on you 100th post! I always look forward to hearing what you and your girls have been up to. :o)