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July 2, 2010

Fab 5 Friday

This week absolutely flew by in fabulous fashion!

1) We had such a fun family-oriented day on Saturday. We went out to lunch, and the girls did great…they ate so well, behaved beautifully, and made fast friends with an adjacent table of little old ladies. And then we took an impromptu trip to the ice cream shop after supper. It was just a great day.

2) The girls had a lot of fun at our Mothers of Multiples family picnic on Sunday. They really enjoyed walking around the park and seeing all the other kiddos.

3) On Wednesday, we took the girls on their first official “field trip” to an Australian-themed zoo. The girls’ squeals of delight at seeing the animals were priceless.

4) Our den looks slightly less like an insane asylum. We had the couch and love seat facing the walls so the girls couldn’t climb them. (It was just one step shy of a padded room.) We turned the couch around like normal people, and the girls are doing really well (most of the time) at sitting like big girls.

5) We’ve been working with the girls on walking up and down the steps. They still need A LOT of help – especially going down – but they just giggle the whole time, I guess feeling like such big girls. Upon reaching the bottom, Baby A often wants to turn around and do it all again.

Stayed tuned next week for another count of our fabulous adventures!


Beth said...

I laughed out loud at #4!! I always felt like if a stranger walked in to our house, they would definitely think crazy people lived there!! We are slowly reclaiming our home as our kids slowly learn to behave like people. Each step is huge and so exciting!

#5- I was so nervous about the babies on the steps, but now that they can do them themselves, bedtime and naptime are so much easier. They are excited to go up to bed because it means they get to climb the awesome stairs!! (and Mommy doesn't have to make two trips carrying two kids each time)

SouthernDogwoods said...

Great Fab 5 list! Sounds like you all have had a lot of fun things going on.

reanbean said...

That Australian-themed zoo sounds like a lot of fun. Is it a year round event or a special exhibit? My kids love going to see animals- zoos, farms, pet stores- if there are animals, they'll be happy! :o)

Have a great 4th of July weekend!