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July 9, 2010

Fab 5 Friday

At long last, I decided it was time to transition the girls to one nap this week. That, coupled with the most voracious teething we’ve seen to date, has made this week a little “louder” than most…but it was nonetheless fabulous.

1) We started our 4th of July celebration on Saturday by dressing the girls in red, white, and blue and heading downtown for some ice cream. We followed that up on Sunday by introducing them to their very first hot dog. The introduction was quite a success! And in other fabulous news (???), I think the girls satisfied their sodium intake for the balance of the month.

2) On Monday the girls turned 18 months old, and we celebrated their ½ birthday. They humored us in taking quite a few pictures, and they loved the blueberry-citrus cake I made them. (They love blueberries, and ask for them by name...kind of..."boo-boo!" they shout at the breakfast table, and there's not a Band-Aid in sight...)

3) On Tuesday I took the girls to the cultural mecca known as Walmart for the first time. I can hardly believe I’m including Walmart on a fabulous list, as I dread going there like the plague, but this was quite a milestone. I go to Walmart at least once a week, but I just hadn’t been brave enough to take the girlies. I kept them safely strapped in their stroller as I pulled the cart behind us – they didn’t touch anything! – and we made it through my shorter-than-average shopping list just fine.

4) On Wednesday I got even braver and took the girls on a quick errand to Panera to buy some bread. This marked the first time I had them both with me, alone, not in a carrier or a stroller. They held my hands – or rather I held their hands – and we walked right up to the counter. It wasn’t exactly a relaxing errand, but it got us out of the house amid the “nap transition blues”. A few small baby steps for Mommykind…

5) The girls learned to twirl around this week. Baby A usually makes a tight little circle, while Baby B sometimes swings so wide that she falls down. Both laugh hysterically (as do I!).

The laughter and amazement far outweighed even the more-than-average fussing at our house this week...and I'd call that fabulous!


Cuz I'm the mama! said...

Wow! That is a fab week FULL of accomplishments! I am marveling over taking them into Panera without a stroller. Yeah! I am a little discouraged to hear that you have just now transitioned to 1 nap. I have one babe that I feel is ready for that now and so I don't know what I am going to do. I can't force the other babe out of her 2 naps, but I feel bad forcing Ms. K into a nap when she doesn't need it. Of course I want them on the same schedule, but it's not working very well anymore and they are only 10 months! I've heard every kid is different when it comes to this, but again - having two is really challenging in this area!

Deanna said...

I love the half-birthday celebration! We "marked" it last year, but I think we might do a little cake or something this year. Yay for a successful Walmart trip! I take the girls occasionally, when I only need to grab a couple of things. They actually seem to enjoy looking around at the lights and all the stuff. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

going to one nap is totally scary for me!!!

sounds like the week was great.

reanbean said...

I hope the transition to one nap is going well. My two didn't go to one nap until they were almost 20 month old, but then the transition was seamless. And I love having more awake time during the day. It was a lot easier to get out, see friends, and get things done with a longer block of time in the morning.

I had to laugh at your inclusion of Walmart! But it sounds like it was a very successful trip. I too have often used the push the stroller, push the cart method (was very fearful of germ infested shopping carts for a long, long time, but have recently gotten over it) and could totally picture you doing that. :o)

Have a great weekend!

The Mommy said...

Your week does sound fabulous! One can almost forget the agony of teething. I remember when my kids switched to one nap (a couple of months ago) I was in mourning:( it almost took us a month to adjust because their night sleep time also changed as a consequence. I hope it is better for you than it was for me.