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July 23, 2010

Fab 5 Friday, Nonetheless

As fabulous weeks go, this has not been one of the more fabulous-er

Baby A came down with a cold on Saturday, and Baby B joined in on Monday. Fortunately it was just a cold, and the girlies are back up and at ‘em now...but we had to cancel our plans for a short vacation this week. And as this is Hubby’s last week of summer vacation before he heads back to school, it’s back to the grind – sans vacation – next week.

Even amid the temperature-taking, nose-wiping, and fuss-diffusing, there were still some fabulous highlights…

1) After the girls’ 18-month check-up last Friday, we were back in the pediatrician’s office on Tuesday for the girls' colds. That wasn’t fabulous, but getting confirmation that their colds were viral…and that they didn’t need any meds…was fabulous squared!

2) The girls ate peanut butter for the first time this week. I can’t say they were huge fans, but I’ll keep working on them. Peanut butter just seems like a huge rite of childhood passage…and I can’t wait to make them a good ol’ peanut butter and banana sandwich one day.

3) The girls ate Mommy’s grilled chicken with homemade cilantro pesto…and liked it! I’m just guessing they were the only 18-month olds with cilantro breath in at least a three mile radius.

4) I gave the girls three new books (from the $1 section at Tar.get!), and they were occupied Of course that meant I was occupied reading to them, but that’s just alright by me.

5) Daddy had a great time tickling the girls to the point of hysteria, and then “teaching” them to “tickle” me. They thought it was hilarious when I broke into a fit of (pretend) giggles…which eventually had all four of us laughing in earnest.

At the end of the day / week, having healthy baby girls for whom even a little cold is extremely rare…that’s a most fabulous blessing.


MultipleMum said...

I concur re: PB but peanut butter and banana sandwiches? Really? I will have to get the boys to give it a go.

Sounds like the sort of week that could have been a lot worse and thankfully wasn't!

Deanna said...

My girls love peanut butter! We do a lot of PB&J for lunch on Saturdays...for all four of us. My mother-in-law said they had PB and banana sandwiches for lunch on Wednesday, and it was a hit!

We play the 'tickle game' too...they love to pat us lightly and we act like it tickles. It's the funniest thing to them! : ) Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

B eats a PB sandwich at least 5 times a week. I think if the kids don't like it that he will take it as a personal offense! lol.

the week sounds fab!

Unknown said...

I love the $1 books at target! Every time I see some I pick them up. Mr. Mischief LOVES books, and wwe have gotten so many good ones from there.
Mischief isn't really into peanut butter, but maybe someday!

reanbean said...

Glad to hear the colds didn't last too long, but sorry it was long enough to need to cancel your vacation plans. The ticklefest sounds like great fun though. My guys LOVE to be tickled, and I just love hearing their little giggles.

We have yet to try PB here. Our pediatrician has advised us to wait, because Buba doesn't always chew well (although he's getting better) and PB is a risk for choking. But I'm looking forward to that day when it comes. :o)