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July 30, 2010

Fab 5 Friday

(Better late than never...and it's still technically Friday, at least in this time zone...)

This was Daddy’s first week back at school, so the girls and I were hammering out our new schedule. I mapped out how our “free days” (which are most days!) will flow with the girls’ one-nap-a-day routine. If this week was any indication, I foresee lots of fabulous adventures in our future!

1) Friday night we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner. This was the second time the girls have eaten there, and they just love it. It’s so very pleasant for them to really want to eat, meaning I’m not having to coax them along, bite by bite. It was another wonderful “Wow! We’re a family!” moment.

2) The girls have become truly o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d. with music lately. It’s one of their very first words (“Meh!" accompanied by the baby sign) in the morning and after their nap. And they’re usually still asking for music at bedtime. I love to see the girls shake their groove-thang and boogie around the room.

3) The girls are really beginning to talk more. They’re repeating (or at least trying to repeat) what we say. And then they’ve surprised us by using some words in context. Just this week, Baby B correctly used “moose”, “mouse”, and “mess”…all new words!

4) The girls both LOVE our cat. They get so excited to see, or even hear, her. They still haven’t said the word “cat”, but Baby B called her by name – Sasha – this week! Baby A called her “Yaya”, but that’s an improvement over “gah” (their interpretation of “cat”)!

5) The girls are still huge fans of blueberries. They’d been calling them “boo-boos.” With the evolution of their language skills, they’ve moved on to calling them “boo-bies”. Hilarious? Yes. But not so fabulous in the grocery store.

…and I didn’t want to include this as a “list” item, but in comparison to last week this time, it’s pretty darn fabulous that I haven’t had to wipe anyone’s nose in a good three days!


MultipleMum said...

Love it! Well done to the girls on their developing language skills. They'll be puting (is that the right spelling, it looks weird to me tonight) words together in no time, and then you will be wishing they would be quiet again :)

Andrea said...

Hi there, My kids love blueberries too and it still sounds like they say boobies! I love it! :) I remember all those first said words too. My son still loves to point out messes. He says over and over "It's a mess". You are in such a fun development time. Enjoy ever minute of it because it goes way too fast! Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend!

reanbean said...

Yay for healthy babies! We are finally all healthy again (Tiny ate blueberry pancakes for breakfast!), and it feels soooooo great!

My guys are also really into music. I love Buba's sweet little voice when he looks up at me and says, "more songs?" We play music at various times throughout the day (I even have a kids playlist on my iPod so we can listen to their music (but not all the time, of course) in the car). They both have favorites that they request. Just wait until A and B start singing! You're going to love it! :o)

Have a great weekend!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I love how they love your cat. Me? I'm not a fan of cats myself but already Kendra loves them when she sees at other people's houses. My one friend has a cat and her little boy learned to crawl by chasing that cat around LOL

Unknown said...

How did the words "moose, "mouse" and "mess" all find a way into conversation this week?!

I'm so glad the girls are feeling better! I can't believe how fast they're acquiring new skills and words.