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July 14, 2013

The Chicks Have Overstayed Their Welcome

A few weeks ago, I thought it was the most adorable thing ever when the girls started playing “Mommy Chick and Baby Chick.”

Baby B is almost always the Mommy Chick, and it’s her job to help A, the Baby Chick, learn how to do things.

Baby Chick usually starts flailing her arms, squawking around aimlessly, and Mommy Chick will say, “Come here, Baby Chick, and let me help you.

It is super sweet to see B nurture A so tenderly.

This is the way we walk up the stairs.  You can do it, Baby Chick!  Good job!  I’m so proud of you!

Oh, Baby Chick!  Do you need Mommy’s help?  Here I am!  Let me show you what a book is.  Yes, this is a book!  Good job!!!

And I have really enjoyed the “role reversal” from what I often see at home.  Baby A is more often in the lead role around the house, and it surprises me how much she relinquishes to B when they play this little game.

But…more than two weeks into this…I’m beginning to feel that Baby Chick and Mommy Chick have overstayed their welcome…

Baby B encourages A to “talk like a baby”.


As the actual mommy, I spend too much breath at times on reminders to use our big-girl voices.  At four years old, a “baby” voice (chick or otherwise) sounds an awful lot like whining…and I avoid that at all possible costs.

And…the aimless nature that the portrayal of a baby chick often involves is also a little maddening.


Perhaps I can steer the girls towards the idea of a baby duckling???  At least ducks seem to follow along so orderly behind their mommies.  I think a friendly game of follow-the-leader doesn’t sound so bad.

And maybe I can encourage quacking instead of the baby voice?  At least that would take us away from the whining chick noises.

Or...maybe I’ll try to step back and appreciate it all.  I know these sweet little pretend games won’t last forever.  I’m sure if I could secretly set up the video camera, I’d be pretty overjoyed at the reminder in a few years.


Mrs FF said...

LOL.! I think it's so sweet that they play these kind of games :)

Mandy said...

The baby voice. Ugh. Ours is in full effect and they've added play crying. Beyond annoying.

When I suggested a switch in games, they just changed the players and continues right along. So best of luck!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

We also have that. When I say, "stop with the whining/ crying, they tell me it's Thursday or Friday, so then I got smart and said, Connor/ Kendra, it's your job as their parents to make sure they don't whine! :)

Deanna said...

I think the baby voice thing must be a stage, because it is happening in our house ALL THE TIME. And it's making me CRAZY.

A & M just play "baby" a lot, but I've caught M using the voice when she's tired, even when they aren't playing. It's something I'm actively working to try and get them away from right now. (I don't mind the game, but slipping into the voice other times CANNOT be happening.) Oh, four-year-olds... : )

Barbara Manatee said...

Sarah and Jacob went through a stage when they were about 3 or 4 that they were a kitty and doggy. Sarah would "meow" everything to us and some days, when she was REALLY into it, we had to meow to her or she wouldn't listen!! I remember thinking how crazy I sounded in a restaurant bathroom talking to her in sentences where every other word was meow. I can only imagine what other people thought of me! ha!

Sarah often whines/talks in a baby voice and it drives me crazy! i'm constantly telling her to use her 'big girl voice.' ugh!