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July 15, 2013

Super Stuff!!!

Super highlights from my super-sweet girls!

1)      My baby girls are early to bed and early to rise, so their bedtime is a couple of hours before sunset.  They understand that the sun is up longer in the summer, although it’s still late.  Still, I know it’s not super comfortable for them to sleep in broad daylight.  My precious A asked me one morning, a sad look in her eyes, “Mommy, when will it be winter?  In December, I told her, about six months from now.  Will it be dark then when I go to sleep?”  Bless her heart for thinking ahead!

2)      I took the girls to the local craft store for their summer “craft camp” one morning.  The crafts that day were focused on Europe.  I stood for a few minutes, watching everyone get started.  The teacher held up a beaded structure and asked the kids – most of them school-age – what it was.  My B belted out the answer right away, “The Eiffel Tower!  And where is the Eiffel tower?  France!” A answered.  I was so proud of them for knowing the answer, but even more so for volunteering in front of a room full of older kiddos!

3)      I bought the girls some tracing paper this week, and they have been enthralled!  They’re getting better and better at holding the paper still and tracing over an image…usually something from a coloring book.  Then they’re content to color in their drawing.  They love mixing elements from different pages…a puppy from one page, next to a flower from another page.

4)      Baby A traced a picture of a bus one morning.  All by herself, she wrote the word “STOP” on the top of it.  The girls can’t read yet, but they’ve memorized quite a few words!

5)      We had a big family adventure on Saturday.  We loaded up bright and early and drove waaaay out in the country to an old country store that was originally founded in 1869!  It’s now owned by a former colleague of mine and his wife.  We ate a hearty country breakfast…and what a treat all that scenery was!

6)      Daddy has been telling the girls about “the boondocks”.  He has them trained to answer the question, “Where is Mommy from?” with “The boondocks!  I find it marginally funny. 

7)      I haven’t formally admitted “defeat”, but I will confess that the last week we’ve been doing “quiet time” as opposed to nap time.  Sigh.  Some days, though, that’s been going pretty well…like when B declared she wanted to set up the train tracks to go all the way around the ottoman…and A built a “duck palace” (like at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis), complete with a functional-looking faucet for fresh water.  I love watching my babies play! 

8)      B exclaimed to her daddy one morning, “Daddy!  Want to practice some numbers?  I love how much fun they find in numbers!!!

9)      From the back seat one day, Baby A said excitedly, "I have so many things I can teach you, Mommy!" Yes, you do, Baby Girl. Little does she know it goes far beyond her swimming prowess and tumbling moves.

10)   We finally bit the bullet and bought BIG GIRL BEDS for my BABIES.  Thank goodness we have another month or so before they’re delivered…I need that additional time to prepare myself.

Very thankful for so much super to report!


Mandy said...

The boondocks! I think I just fell in love with J a little more!

We will go bravely together into the uncharted land of big girl beds! At least you're getting a complete change of scenery, maybe it will be easier to handle that way.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

LOL me too (Mandy's comment)

Tell J he is PRICELESS :)

And I'm most excited about number 6 :) :)

Anonymous said...

wait. big girl beds????? i thought we had a deal that your kids would be in cribs till college? :) (you know, since B took mine OUT without me knowing!!)

this is fun. your girls are growing up!!!


Charlene Juliani said...

I bet they will love their new beds.

I'm from the boondocks too :)

Mrs FF said...

Boondocks ha ha ha ha and where's daddy from? YAY to big girl beds. Are the girls as "excited" as mommy?

Barbara Manatee said...

ooohhhhh....I bet my Sarah would LOVE tracing paper! she loves to draw! Might have to find some of that!

Are the big girl beds here yet? We took the side rail off of Adam's twin bed the other day to get ready to move him into the room with Jacob...just that change made the room/him look so different!