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July 29, 2013

So You Want to Make a Giraffe???

A couple of weeks ago, the girls kept asking to make a giraffe.  It was a rainy afternoon, so I decided to tackle a little craft project.

Until recently, I would plan any craft projects out to the letter...making sure I had all the supplies close by...meticulously plotting out each step, and who could do what by themselves, versus where I would need to insert myself.

Over the last few months, though, I've gotten much more comfortable with figuring things out alongside the girls.  They're (a little bit) more patient these days, and they (usually) follow directions pretty well. 

A quick Pinterest search gave me some giraffe-making ideas.

I dug out a few things I had on hand...yellow card stock, clothespins, brown yarn, and googly eyes.

I cut out shapes for the giraffe's body and head from the yellow card stock.  I had the girls draw brown spots on them with markers.  I then had the girls color the clothespins yellow, also using marker, followed by brown spots.

[Paint still makes me slightly nervous, so I credit my "cool as a cucumber" approach to the use of washable markers for this project.]

We used glue to attach a yarn tail and mane and our googly eyes.

The giraffe head we glued onto the inside of one of the clothespins.  And the last exercise, once everything dried, was to balance the clothespins so our little giraffes would stand up.

This little project satisfied the girls' need to create a giraffe, and it was downright fun for all of us!

Once complete, the girls wanted to build a mommy and a baby giraffe from their blocks (a regular exercise around here), so that their new giraffes would have some friends.

There we have it!  Our own giraffe sanctuary...and two happy babies!!!


Anonymous said...

Really cute! I think I need to "relax" a little more myself!

championm2000 said...

I love it!

You've inspired me to break out the craft supplies this evening. I still have empty toilet paper rolls to use....hahaha

Olusola said...

love the megabloks giraffe. It's making me all childhoody-nostalgic. Sigh!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I LOVE THOSE GIRAFFES - I think I should do with the babies. I'm sure even we can pull it off :)

And yay for the relaxing :)

Amanda said...

I saw those giraffes on pinterest and thought they were so cute. They came out great! I like the block giraffes too. (I love giraffes and have an entire pinboard dedicated to giraffes!)

Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

Super cute! I love the block giraffes!

Mrs FF said...

What's the fascination with giraffes? You need to bring the girls on a safari soon :)

Ps: hope the house is done?

Barbara Manatee said...

So cute and creative! Do any of the zoos by you have giraffes? The one by my sister's has giraffes and you can go up on a big platform and feed them. Always a fun adventure!