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July 3, 2013

Super Stuff!

Running behind on my summary of super stuff…again.  This is feeling like a nasty habit!  I’m going to bullet-point (as best I can, anyway), so I can finally publish this and start making notes for the new week!

So what super-fabulous things highlighted the past week at A&B Enterprises?

1)      The nice lady at the post office let the girls cancel their own letters.  They thought it was so cool!

2)      We found an awesome farm not too far from town, where we picked about five pounds of blueberries.  As a family, we ate those five pounds in a mere five days…there’s nothing like the fresh goodness…especially when you picked it yourself!

3)      On the way home from picking blueberries, Baby A said, “Mommy, look!!!  She spotted five wild turkeys hanging out in a field.  We turned around to see them again.  She was so proud of how observant she was!

4)      The girls love to hear stories, especially about our cats.  Many of the stories take place before they were born.  The girls commit those stories to memory, though, and then they love to retell them…”I remember, one time, when I was in your tummy and you lived in North Carolina…  Forget that we moved from North Carolina six years before they were born!

5)      I overheard B talking nonsense to A.  What, Sissy?” A asked.  B told her she was speaking Spanish.  Oh,” A said,” I don’t speak Spanish very well.”  Hahaha!

6)      After a beautiful (and nowadays rare) nap, I took the girls to eat ice cream cones.  I was amazed at their skill in eating a cone.  This was only the third or fourth cone they’ve ever had, but you never would have guessed.  B tore into hers, while A ate methodically.  Aside from an ice cream mustache, neither made a mess!

7)      The girls got their green couch (from Pottery Barn) for their second birthday, but I unfolded it for the very first time a couple of days ago, as they watched a little bit of Animal Planet with their daddy.  I could not get over the sweetness of seeing them snuggled together with their blankets and babies…a small vision into future family movie nights and slumber parties.

8)      Seeing Baby B, standing on her tiptoes to get an extra bite of banana muffins from her Daddy.

9)      Seeing Baby A, totally enamored with the hunk of watermelon her daddy gave her as he was cutting our first melon of the season.

10)   B explains the world: "I can think about two things at once, because my brain has two halves."

11)   Seeing Baby B jump on a swing, and before I could register what was happening, Baby A started pushing her.  I had no idea they were old enough to do this!  But it was so incredibly sweet!!!

12)   Seeing the girls playing with a set of matroshka dolls for the first time.  Hubby and I have so many sets from our trips to Russia…and it was pretty incredible to see our baby girls enjoying them so much.

13)   I always tell the girls to listen to their bodies as to how much they should eat. After eating a bowl of warm blueberry cobbler, Baby A said, "Mommy! Listen to my tummy! Can you hear it? It's saying, 'More! More!'"

14)   I heard the end of B's conversation on her toy phone: "OK, God, bye-bye. Amen." 

15)   "My nose likes breathing cool air, not warm air." That's one way to ask Mommy to crank up the air conditioning in the car, apparently.

16)   A former colleague came over for a short visit on Saturday morning, bringing her 8 ½-month old little boy.  The girls were so excited ahead of their visit.  They had quite the elaborate set-up of towers for him to knock over.

17)   At bedtime last night, I said to Baby A: "I love you." Her response?  "I do, too. I love me. And I love you. And Daddy, and Sissy, and Sasha."  How I love that she loves herself. What a gift!

18)   "Here, go get me the [pretend] computer. I need to check the weather," asked Baby A.  "What does it say?"It says tornadoes on Monday, volcanoes on Tuesday, and just rain showers on Wednesday."  I'm not sure where they're pretending we live...but it sounds like we need to move!

19)   Took the girls to craft time at the local craft store on Saturday, where they made Uncle Sam-inspired hats.  They wanted to wear them as we ran next door to Kohl’s.  It was so much fun seeing the reactions of everyone in the store…the girls were beaming with pride as so many people complemented their craftsmanship.

20) We enjoyed a visit from GG, Uncle Tommy, and Aunt GG on Tuesday.  The girls were SO excited to learn they were coming, and they were so tickled to snuggle with them during their visit.  I surprised everyone (except perhaps the girls) when I asked for a "silly face" photo.  I love how much the adults got into it, just like the kiddos!

See...lots of super keeping us busy!  Just gotta make better time to get it all in the books!


Mrs FF said...

I agree much super going on and too cute not to put down. Will be a good reminder for when they get older :)

Mrs FF said...

Ps: I want blueberries, my tummy is asking for some ha ha ha