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July 6, 2013

Happy 1/2 Birthday to A and B!!!

Yesterday we celebrated the girls' half birthday...I cannot believe they're 4 1/2!  (And please know I'll shoot you a dirty look if you say, "That's halfway to five!"  Shhhh!!!)

We don't make a big fuss of their half birthday, but we do make a point of having a fun family day.

We kicked off the day with breakfast out.  The girls chose bagels and fruit at Panera.  (That was just fine by me!)

From there we had to make a quick trip by the new house, and we rode around a bit, waiting on the bookstore to open.

We made our long-anticipated trip to the bookstore, where the girls spent their $5 (each) from Aunt GG.  Baby A picked a question-and-answer book about so many different topics, and B picked a book with 40 different "five-minute" stories in it...both excellent choices in my book, too.

From the bookstore, we walked to the pet store.  We ooh'ed and ahh'ed at all the furry critters, and even the fish and snakes, and then the girls took great pride in picking out a toy to give Sasha for her birthday (which we'll celebrate on Monday).

The girls chose to go to lunch at Garcia's, our favorite Mexican restaurant.

Yesterday afternoon, the girls were TICKLED to help me make cupcakes.  They followed directions really well!

Once the cupcakes cooled, they were very content to watch me make icing, and then decorate the cupcakes.

Baby A requested turquoise frosting, and B wanted lavender.  "Will you put my letter on it?" A asked.

After a supper of Mommy's near-famous baked shrimp scampi (with extra mushrooms), the girls were so excited to dig into their cupcakes.

It was a such a fun, family-filled day.  We are so blessed by these fantastic 4 1/2-year olds!!!

And...because you know I cannot's a throw-back to their first half birthday.  Look at my BABIES!!!


Amanda said...

We like doing half birthdays too! I didn't realize how close to 1 year apart our girls really were. We celebrated our 5 1/2 on June 20th. Did you see how I cut their lunch (including the paper plate) in half? They loved that! I love the throwback picture... and now I want shrimp scampi. Nom nom nom!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

you really do the half birthdays so very well!!!

I still love that baby cake :)

And Mandy, GREAT pics - all of them.

PS we want recipes (please post so I can pin :)) of the cupcakes and the shrimp scampi!

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

They are too adorable!

Love the cupcakes and how excited they were!

Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

Half-y birthday, precious girls! (Sorry I'm a bit late stopping by... just got back in town).

That's my new favorite picture of your babies. I hope you frame it!

Amanda said...

Happy half birthday to your girls! I love the baby picture and the half cakes!

Mrs FF said...

Happy half birthday.

I won't mention they are getting closer to you know the age - dont want a dirty look directed at me ;) but I have to say you do half birthdays better than some of us do full birthdays!