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July 17, 2013

Backseat Drivers

When we turned the girls’ car seats to forward-facing in February, it was amazing the things they noticed…things that I wouldn’t remotely think to point out to them.  They were enthralled with all the buttons and lights.  They loved the cardinal directions on the rear-view mirror.  And they were so interested in why the keys were hanging by the steering wheel.  (That would be the ignition.)

Their excitement faded after a month or so, but the non-stop commentary from the backseat is back.  Yes, the girls are full-fledged backseat drivers.

Mommy, what is the speed limit?  Seventy?  Can you please go seventy?

Why are you slowing down?  I like to go fast!

Why can’t we make a u-turn here?

Sirens!  I hear sirens!  Stop, Mommy! 

Why is that truck going faster than we are?

Mommy, why didn’t you use your signal?  The other cars need to know what we’re doing.

Mommy, what was that bump?  They need to take better care of the road here.

Mommy, what is the number on my tire?  What about Sissy’s?  Does Daddy need to air them up?  (Our car is very sensitive to tire pressure changes…it beeps at me all the time to report the pressure, and the girls have picked up on this.)

Mommy, the light is green!  Yay!  We’re so lucky!

Mommy, do you think we’ll make that green light?  Nope…there it’s turning yellow.  We’ll need to wait our turn.

Mommy, I see the light over there turning yellow.  We’re going to get to go soon!

Where are those people going?  They just turned.

Those people must be going farther than we are.  They're not getting off the interstate.

Mommy, is the policeman giving that person a ticket?  Will they go to jail?  Do you get to bring your toys?

And so on…and on…and on.  I actually think it’s really cute, and pretty darn fun.  I just have to ask the girls to pipe down on occasion.  There are times when Mommy needs to concentrate on being the front-seat driver.  I can only handle so many questions from the backseat at a time!


Marcia (123 blog) said...


Connor is also very rule-abiding - don't go too fast, do this, don't do that.

I tell them all the time.. can you two please be quiet for a few minutes so I can concentrate!

Charlene Juliani said...

LOL...too funny!

Mrs FF said...

Ha ha ha ha! Seems like you have the traffic police in your back seat

Barbara Manatee said...

ha! I know what you kids have been awful backseat drivers lately. One seat in the back allows the passenger a view of my speedometer...if Jacob is sitting there, he likes to watch for the speed limit and lets me know if I'm going too fast or too slow. Sheesh kid!

Another thing is that J&S have a pretty good concept of time they are happy to point out if we are running late or if we have enough time to stop and squeeze something else in that they want. ha!