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June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to our very favorite Double Daddy!!!

The girls helped me make stuffed crepes this morning.  They seem to have an innate ability (perhaps coming from generations before them) to roll crepes.  Filled with a sweetened ricotta cheese (which B said needed "just a little bit more sugar"), the girls were all too happy to join their daddy at the breakfast table, too.

The girls presented their daddy with this book, "Kisses for Daddy".  We have lots of books about mommies and babies...but this is the first one truly focused on a daddy and his little bear cub.  The girls loved snuggling with him to read...and I know he loved it, just as much.

We were running a bit behind this year, so we didn't have our traditional Father's Day handprints to present at breakfast.  We had a fun time making our handprints today, though.  Maybe we'll do a mid-week catch-up for that presentation.

We rounded out the day with one of Daddy's favorite meals, shrimp in Cajun cream sauce.  The girls licked their bowls, and Daddy had two big servings himself.

Before bed we read "Kisses for Daddy" one last time.  The girls bid their daddy goodnight, and wished him Happy Father's Day one last time.

It was a great day celebrating a great double daddy!


Marcia (123 blog) said...

love the book and the daddy time :)

today we all went to the mall and they dropped me at the entrance where I had to run 3 errands before joining them for lunch.

When the kids saw me, they acted like they hadn't seen me for about a week (it was 20 minutes - I'm quick) but it was DIVINE - I just enjoyed the hugs and the fighting over me :)

Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

So sweet! I love watching Adam read to my girls. Isn't it precious to watch something ordinary with Mommy become special with Daddy?

What a lucky Dad he is to have such a beautiful family!

Did you make the shrimp? Would you share your recipe? I don't eat seafood, but Adam is crazy for it.