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June 9, 2013


I'm linking up with Marcia for her monthly photo challenge.  This month's theme is GREEN.

I limited myself to photos taken this month, several of which were taken yesterday.  I haven't been quite as disciplined about getting my camera out and just taking pictures as of late, but I've had a few fun sessions, nonetheless.

This first one is a bit of a stretch, but I love the picture.  The downtown coffee shop had a special on lattes, as they were getting ready for a "pour" competition.  That prompted me to have lattes two days in a row, including on Tuesday afternoon when I introduced the girls to their first smoothie.  The barista asked if she could take a picture of my latte...and I said only if I can take a picture of you.  :)

There's a GREEN sticker for sale in the lower-right corner.
 These next three pictures were taken yesterday, with this challenge in mind.

A very sweet-natured pup in the downtown square, against GREEN grass.

I even let my girls dig in a sand exhibit for a GREEN rock.  (Go, Me!)

The first time these 20 piggies have ever stood in GREEN grass.

And I had to include one of my favorite pictures from our MoMs group picnic last weekend.

Ring Around the Rosie against a GREEN backdrop at the park.

Check out Marcia's blog for some more great photo inspiration!

1 comment:

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I love the green rocks one! But just how GREEN everything on your side of the world is.

here we have GORGEOUS blue skies and amazing winter sunsets but the grass will soon be beige/ yellow (disgusting) :)

BUT WAIT - what do you mean, the first time they've stood in grass? Seriously? when they play outside in summer, do they always wear shoes?