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June 11, 2013

A Picture-Perfect GIVEAWAY!!!

As many of you probably know, we are in the process of selling our house.

With that, we've had what has felt, at times, like a veritable parade of different families, peering into our closets and measuring our bathtubs.

By and large, the feedback has been very positive.  Everyone loves our location, and our backyard has garnered many ooh's and ahh's.  Another comment I've almost come to expect at some point during a showing is about the artwork that adorns our walls.

Yes, there have been plenty of ooh's and ahh's over my babies.  While I really just want to SELL THE HOUSE, I have to say that part has been fun.  To have complete strangers stop in front of a picture and use words like, "Stunning!" or to lament, "I wish I had pictures like these of our family," it makes having polished the baseboards with a toothbrush all the more palatable.

I was so excited to receive an offer to review a canvas from Easy Canvas was a complete no-brainer for me!  I'm already a very loyal customer, and I love to share my good experiences.

photo canvas prints
photo canvas prints


Here is the view of our living room, just after you enter our front door:

And a closer look at one of my favorite pictures:

16x20" hanging canvas

And I think this is the perfect complement to our master bedroom:

8x10" canvas with easel back

Both these canvases are from Easy Canvas Prints, and I love them so, so much!  The quality of printing is beautiful...the canvas material has such a buttery hand to it...and cleaning is a cinch.

In exchange for writing this review, I received a voucher for a 16x20" canvas.  By far, the hardest part of placing my order was deciding which picture to use.  Once that arduous decision was made, the ordering process took literally less than 5 minutes.

So...which picture did I choose? 

This picture of our Bama Belles in their crimson-and-white finest will be such a fantastic addition to our "Alabama wall" in our NEW house.

[I also want to mention that I worked with Easy Canvas Prints a couple of months ago to purchase a canvas for a very dear friend.  Instead of buying a gift certificate in a traditional sense, they worked closely with me to allow me to set everything up, so all my friend had to do was upload her photo.  Their customer service was outstanding.]

I'm thrilled to be able to offer an awesome GIVEAWAY from Easy Canvas 8x10" canvas!!!

Get as many entries as you can between 6/11 and 6/19 to increase your chances of winning! AND...all entrants will receive a coupon for 60% off their Easy Canvas Prints purchase!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Want to share this awesome GIVEAWAY with your friends? Click HERE!

Easy Canvas Prints also highly suggests BuildASign:

 banner maker
banner maker


Easy Canvas Prints will select a winner at random on 6/20 and notify the winner directly. In exchange for writing this post, I received compensation in the form of a free canvas. All opinions herein are my own...can ya tell that I truly love these canvases?!  Best of luck...I know you'll love these canvases as much as I do!


Olusola said...

All those pictures are giving me ideas... and I have to tell you, my favorite is the second one with the girls in ponchos. Uber-adorable!

Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

I desperately need to hang more of the twins' pictures on our walls. I just really suck at committing... to the photos, the sizes, and the space on the wall. I guess I just need to suck it up and commit already. Love the newest addition to your wall. I guess I should start an Aggie wall. :)