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October 30, 2011

Potty Humor

Warning: If you are squeamish and/or offended by a two-year old’s potty-related humor, you may want to read another post.

If you think a grown woman shouldn’t stoop to laugh at second-grade playground-level jokes, then I’m sorry to have disappointed you.

But if you believe there’s some truth in the great Jimmy Buffett’s line, “…if we couldn’t laugh, we’d all go insane,” then please join me for a glimpse into my world.

Ahead of potty-training, I never talked much about the contents of the girls’ diapers. Pee and poop are just a factor of life, and there’s no need to discuss their comings and goings.

But when every action was deserving of high praise, tee-tee and stinkies (as we call them in our house) became a prominent part of our everyday vocabulary.

Although she’s been out of diapers for over six months now, Baby A still has quite a dialog surrounding the potty, often personifying her stinkies.

Hello, little stinkies! It’s nice to see you!

I made you some tee-tee so you can swim!

Mommy, my stinkies look like an airplane! …snake! …boat!

Mommy, my stinkies are big! …smelly! …cute!

(In response to asking if she needed to make any stinkies...) No, my stinkies are still sleeping in my hiney.

As of this past week, Baby B has joined the ranks of the potty-users. She’s doing a fantastic job, and I’m so proud of her! I’m seeing progress every day, but she has yet to accomplish making stinkies in the potty.

She had a little accident yesterday afternoon, and I asked her, “Next time, what are you going to tell Mommy?” I was looking for her to say, “Mommy, I need to sit on the potty.

Instead, she responded, “Mommy, change my panties!” I sighed, but I also had to laugh…otherwise, I really might go insane!


More to come on the potty front next week. We are now using the big potty (with a ring) much more than the little stand-alone potty. Among other things, I’m hoping – at least for Baby A –that will take some of the focus (at least the personification!) away from our bathroom output.


Jill said...

"still sleeping in my hiney"...that's hilarious!

Holly Ann said...

LOL! I loved this post!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I love these girls!

They are so cute with all the things they say :)

Mandy said...

My husbands thinks I'm crazy because I am cackling like a mad woman!!

Congrats to B for joining the potty world!

Barbara Manatee said...

Too funny!!

Sarah used to tell us what her poop looked like in the potty, too! It was always an animal - snake, whale, elephant (WAH??)

Adam has developed some serious potty mouth lately though. Between him and Jacob, everything is poop or stinky or gross. In the car today, he kept making his frog poop. Seriously!?!?!

reanbean said...

So great the B is using the potty! Hooray, hooray!

My kids have recently started the bad kind of potty humor at our house (like calling a sib "poo-poo head" or saying things like "you smell like bum-bum poo-poo"). They think it's hilarious (where do they learn this stuff?), and I'm just praying that they're not talking like this outside the house. I'd take A and B's potty humor over T&R's in a heartbeat. :o)

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

Yes! You just gotta find the humor to make it through training twins!

Matt always tells his poop to have "fun at the poop party." The thought makes me ill, but it's a cute notion.