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October 23, 2011

A Bit About Me, October Edition

My birthday is February 23. On the 23rd of each month, I've taken to sharing a couple of random bits of information about me. So...for October...

27) I loved my Little Red Riding Hood costume as a child.

It’s the Halloween costume I most remember…I think I wore it for two years, maybe when I was three and four. I’m assuming it had some kind of red cape, but I most remember the plastic-y mask with the cut-out eyes and elastic strap around the back of the head. That’s certainly a far cry from today’s elaborate costumes (and guidelines not to cover a child’s face!), but I thought it was pretty special.

28) I hate to cut my nails.

There’s something about that metallic CLICK that just makes me cringe! Instead, I just file my nails into shape every week or so. That’s a lot of filing, such that I find myself buying a new pack of files at least once a month! (This is a new realization for me…before kiddos, I used to get a manicure every couple of weeks…so I never bought nail files!)

Tune in next month for more randomness!


championm2000 said...

I remember those costumes with the face masks, too! Good times. Good times.

Johanna said...

I hate fingernail clipping as well... mostly because the pieces always seem to fly all over the place. I always think about CSI and what they would make of all that gross DNA lying around the house if I died before I vacuumed. :)

Mandy said...

Halloween used to be all about the mask!

I think I would fully support the idea of human de-clawing if it were available. I hate cutting my nails not only because things fly everywhere, but because I can never get them even. What I hate more is filing them. The sound of the file, the way it feels, and all that dust makes me geek out. Eeeek!

Anonymous said...

i feel like i can clip my own nails...but the kids? i have to keep coming up with creative distraction techniques :)

Julia said...

A friend of mine always clips her fingernails in the shower. It makes them soft, so that they don't make that noise. And---the mess goes right down the drain :)