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October 14, 2011

Fab 5 Friday...and ME!!!

It’s been another fabulous week at A&B Enterprises! I’m so thankful to report that we went seamlessly back into our routine after having Daddy home all last week. Hallelujah!

1) On Saturday we took the girls downtown for our town’s monthly street festival. I love how they just jump right in and dance to the music. Kids truly “dance like no one’s watching”…although my dynamic duo does sometimes draw a few spectators. :)

2) The girls are doing great with their tricycles! Baby A has mastered forwards, backwards, and she’s pretty proficient with steering. Baby B can peddle quite a long distance, and pretty fast, when she sets her mind to it. She is still working on the steering part, though…so I have to make sure she doesn’t gather speed and suddenly head into the curb!

3) [KNOCK ON WOOD], the girls have napped so well this week! To celebrate, I took the girls on Wednesday afternoon to a new bread shop for a cookie. They were so well-behaved! They sat perfectly nicely while I got our cookie and paid and fixed their cups of water. They even talked with the baker lady when she came over to say hello…even before I’d made my way back to the table. My little ladies are growing up!

4) Instead of riding tricycles one afternoon this week, I took the girls to the backyard with the express intent to crunch leaves. They had a blast! They ran and stomped and crunched, and sat and crunched some more. (And I might have taken 124 pictures in about 30 minutes, enjoying it all myself!)

5) Daddy introduced the girls to the idea of “adults” and “children”. After he left for work one morning, Baby A said, One adult is here, and one adult is at work.” Too funny!

And what did I do for ME this week???

I got a massage!!! I had intended to indulge in that more frequently this year (maybe once a quarter), but I hadn’t kept that promise to myself. There was no special reason for this one, other than I just wanted it. And I have to say, it was The Best Massage Ever! I saw the same therapist I’ve seen for several years, but I think I was just in the perfect mental state, or something. Bliss!

And instead of rushing home to fix supper after my massage, I picked up a pizza instead. That was another big treat…no fuss, no mess…and the girls were SO EXCITED over such an almost-unheard of mid-week treat.

What made your week fabulous???


Anonymous said...

i was so confused yesterday because i couldn't find this list. i didn't realize until JUST NOW that i was looking for it on thursday, lol.

fab week as always. and i LOVE getting pictures with leaves. waiting for more to fall here.

i booked a manicure for next weekend! it's been probably 10 years since i've had a manicure. this one will be shellac which is supposed to last 3 weeks. we'll see. i'm just hoping my nails don't fall off or something, lol.

cat said...

My week was so not fabulous and a massage would be great, thanks. Although bookclub is always a great highlight

Marcia (123 blog) said...

well, mine wasn't the greatest although I AM STILL ALIVE!

And I have photos of a very "angry gallbladder" to prove it :)

Your little ladies are getting so big.

Doesn't it seem like it's leaps and bounds now?

Holly Ann said...

Oh my gosh! - I LOVE your new blog design!!! It's beautiful!

I'm so glad you guys had a great week. I'm a tad bit jealous over the massage. ;)

Barbara Manatee said...

oh!!! the massage sounds heavenly!! I haven't had one since spring. So glad you got to get one for yourself!