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October 21, 2011

Fab 5 Friday...and ME!!!

The girls have been sick this week…nothing really serious, just colds, I think…and I’m so thankful to declare this house fever-free for the first time all week! Despite the inordinate amount of tissues consumed in the past five days, there was still lots of fabulousness to count...

1) Friday night we held our weekly youtube fest (twenty or so minutes of pulling up different songs to dance to, Mommy and Daddy taking turns with the selection). I chose a Los Lonely Boys song. I asked the girls if they recognized the song, and they said they did. I explained that they went to a LLB concert when they were in Mommy’s tummy. “But I’m out now,” B confirmed in all seriousness.

2) We went to a birthday party for fellow twin friends last Saturday. The girls played so well and had a really great time. And seeing five sets of twins don party hats (at least for a few seconds) met my cuteness quota for at least the next week.

3) Daddy has been encouraging the girls not to run full speed in the house. (It used to be OK for them to run on the carpet, just not on the hardwood, but they’re getting to be such speedsters!) He’s trying to teach them the concept of “jogging”, but that seems to be pretty foreign to my two-year olds. They try though…they bend partly over and run in slow motion…and it’s pretty darn hysterical.

4) I love how the girls talk about what other people / animals / even inanimate objects must be thinking. We went for a walk over the weekend and saw a squirrel right next to the road. Baby A said, “There’s a swirrel! Hi, widdle swirrel! He said, ‘What are those baby girls doing here, I wonder?’ And then he said, 'I am cute!'

5) And the quote of the week? After explaining something to the girls, B told me, You’re probably right.” She’s TWO…not TWELVE. I may be in trouble.

And what did I do for ME this week???

Hubby and I marked the 16th anniversary of our first date on Thursday. (Yes, we started dating when I was seven.) With everything going on internally this week, I honestly didn’t realize the date until mid-morning. Our mini-celebration was pretty impromptu…we treated ourselves (and the girls) to takeout pizza from a new gourmet shop in town. But I did take the time to make chocolate molten lava pudding cake, coordinated perfectly to come out of the oven as the girlies went to bed. Hubby and I may have over-indulged a bit…each having two servings…but it was a celebration, afterall!


Carrie said...

Wow! 16 years! Congratulations! Sounds like you celebrated with something yummy!! We had planned to take our girls to our first date location this year, but it happened to be marathon weekend which meant it would have been WAY to crazy to attempt to take them. I don't think they are ready to wait an hour to eat. :)

Just Another Mom of Twins said...

Glad to hear the fevers are gone....those cold hold on for a while... :(

LOL @ "You're probably right!" I "diddo" that for YOU saying you might be in trouble!

Happy 16th Dating Anniversary! ;)

Have a greta weekend!

Anonymous said...

so glad that it looks like you guys have turned the corner with illness. and LOVE the talk about the squirrel. i always get shocked by the things that come out of the kids' mouths!!

and congrats on 16 yrs. how can it be that long already? isn't that crazy??

Beth said...

First of all, I have to say that Los Lonely Boys will always remind me of the day we went to the RE to conceive Will (yes, it is very weird to say that, but ya know...) On our way up, their song "More than Love" played on the radio. I sang along and told Rod I liked it. Then on our way home after the appointment, it was playing again on a different station. Rod smiled and told me that was a good sign. I guess is was! I still sing that song to Will sometimes. Anytime I hear it on the radio, I am transported right back to those hopeful drives.
Sorry for the long story, you just brought up a memory I love!

Your girls are hilarious. I bet that little squirrel was wondering what those baby girls were doing!

'Probably right'? Oh boy, you are in trouble. There is a danger to having smart little kids!

Happy dating anniversary! Glad you remembered and celebrated. Sounds like that date may have gone pretty well!

championm2000 said...

"Yes, we started dating when I was seven.) " lmbo! As I get closer to my b-day, I am more and more obsessed and entertained by age references!

Your girls are so cute and witty and make me look forward to the fun years ahead (regardless of how old I will be then...)

Have a great wekeend!

Quadmama said...

16! Congrats! I hope everyone is on the mend!

Barbara Manatee said...

16 years! that's awesome! We met in lets see - that makes it 14 years for us.

I remember you giving me that cake recipe but I don't think I ever made it. Sounds so yummy again!!

Hope the girls are feeling better. Glad it wasn't anything worse!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Okay, I'm getting all teary at Beth's comment.

I'll always have a special place in my heart for Rod Stewart because we triggered at his concert :)

Congrats on the 16 years - please post the recipe for us - if it's easy I wantt to try because it sounds delish!

So what was the date exactly? D and I celebrated our 19 year one on 11 Oct (the day I had my gall bladder out - how fun is that?!)

My brother's coming up tomorrow for a few days so I will force him (benefits of being the older bossy sister) to babysit so D and I can go out on a "real" date :)