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October 18, 2011

Leave No Sock Unturned!

I’m a little freaky when it comes to socks…specifically the girls’ socks. In my almost three years of parenting two rambunctious girlies, I’m proud to say I’ve never lost a one!

One of the most useful pieces of random advice I got when I was pregnant was to wash all those itty bitty socks in a lingerie bag. It works like a charm, ensuring the dryer doesn’t “eat” any of those dainty little socks. And it makes sorting and folding laundry a little bit easier, too.

I’m no supermom, but I do seem to have a supernatural sense for finding errant socks. My girls are champion sock-puller-off’ers, especially in the car and in the stroller.

I learned early on that the side pocket in the door of the backseat is a prime spot for dropped socks. That’s always my first place to look when I see exposed piggy toes in the car. Failing that, I strain to look between the car seats. And failing that, I will climb into the backseat (using my amazing pretzel-like contortion skills), until I find the missing sock(s).

I’m usually pretty good at recognizing when the girls are messing with their socks when we're out and about. I’ll try redirecting their attention / reminding them that big girls wear socks and shoes / threatening to never let them out of the stroller (as you can’t walk without socks and shoes). If those measures don't take, they just have to go sock-less...and I have to ignore the looks of disapproval from some fellow shoppers.

There was only one time when I didn’t catch the action as it happened. We were at Target, and I noticed we were only sporting three socks as I neared the checkout. Forget that it was close to nap time. I retraced every step until I spotted that tiny little sock amid the kitchen wares.

My crowning glory happened a few days ago. A year ago (I think), I found a hole in one of the girls’ socks. I threw it away and saved the widowed one in their sock bin. Last week, as I was pulling on B’s socks, a hole ripped in the toe of one. My mind immediately raced to the lone sock I had been saving. Following the next load of laundry, I reunited one sock with the other…oh, the satisfaction!

[And I know you’re wondering…the girls’ socks are nothing extra special. Save a couple of cutesy striped pairs, they’re otherwise from Walmart and Target. And while the girls’ feet have grown over the past couple of years, we still seem to be wearing the same socks. And no, I’m not that cheap, but I can be that stubborn!]


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Julia said...

I don't think I've lost a sock yet either, knock on wood.

My girls take off their socks a lot too, and it's a battle I refuse to engage in, so they often go sock-less. Natural consequences if their feet get cold. :)

You mentioned disapproving shoppers. I took the girls out on Saturday to grab one quick thing. They'd yanked their socks off in the car, so I left them off, and put them in the stroller with their piggies hanging out. An older woman approached me in the store, and I knew just what was coming. She informed me that since she'd heard my girls coughing, they should have some socks on their feet! It's so hard sometimes to be gracious in situations like that. I just told her the girls wouldn't keep their socks on, smiled and walked away. :)

Marcia (123 blog) said...

well, now, I don't think we've lost a sock either although I'm a one on the diligence scale :)

Quadmama said...

Socks. The are my nemesis. My biggest problem is that even at age six my girls will take of their socks and chuck them in the toy pile or some random place. I've instituted a rule that if you take off your socks you have to put them at the bottom of the steps and take them with you the next time you go upstairs. It seems to be cutting down on my mismates!

Mandy said...

Oh how I envy you!

We've lost countless socks, and even a shoe last year at the pumpkin patch! One was eaten by the dogs, plenty were lost in transit, and I just found a itsy-bitsy preemie sock (that used to reach their thigh!!!) under their dresser!

I have a bin for socks and usually toss them all in matched or un matched. That being said, this fall when I switched the clothes over, I tossed the entire bin a grocery bag and donated it. We started fresh and a month in they're still all accounted for! I should invest in a lingerie bag but I'm sure it would confuse DH.

Johanna said...

I'm pretty sure this is the most impressive thing I've ever heard. I am constantly losing socks... made worse by the fact that we have socks in every color of the rainbow... so when we do lose one, it is glaringly obvious. I bow to your domestic awesomeness. And, you do know that now that you've announced it, you will promptly lose several. :)

championm2000 said...

I admire your sock system!

We have a basket that holds the socks without a mate...

cat said...

I am ok with socks, but hairclips and hairbands - do not get me started on that one

Barbara Manatee said...

ha! too funny! Sadly, I have a pile of the boys' socks that are all without partners. Just the boys!?!?! Sarah's are all nicely paired up! weird!

Candy said...

SO funny! I am *exactly* the same way about their socks! When I think I may have lost one, I have to remind myself to calm down. I can't say I've never lost one, though - there is a single sock in my 5 year old's drawer waiting to be reunited with it's other half...

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

This is hysterically OCD! I love it!

I currently have 4 unmatched socks on my bedside table...they have little chance of being reunited with their princess-like counterparts.