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March 31, 2010

Update on "The Voices"

So I posted on Saturday that I couldn’t decide if the girls were actually saying words, or just making sounds.

And guess what happened on Sunday? Yup, plain as day, they both said “baby” – and within minutes of each other!

We were all playing in the den, and one of the cats jumped on the couch. (It’s very rare for a furry baby to come so close to the non-furry babies; the kitties usually keep their distance.) I told my husband, “Look, there’s Baby S,” which has been our code name for Sasha. (The girls get all worked up at the mere mention of her name.) Nonetheless, Baby B turned around, very excited, and said, “Baby!”

As my hubby and I oohed and ahhed over her first word, Baby A interrupted our conversation to proclaim a milestone of her own!

The girls have been pointing to the numerous baby pictures we have in nearly every room (of them, of course!), and proudly saying, “baby”. We are also marking them both down as having said “bye-bye”. And I’m tempted to give Baby B credit for saying “ball” and “book”, as she has signed the word as she’s made the attempt.

I remember my mom saying once that, when I was a baby, she could not wait for me to start talking…and then once I did, I never shut up. (I know it’s hard to imagine…) But I can see the snowball effect beginning to happen here.

Both girls are trying hard to imitate words. Baby A was determined to say “banana” yesterday during breakfast. She didn’t come very close, but she did manage a “b”-something sound and three syllables! Also, enthralled with my newly adorned toe ring, I swear she tried to say “pretty”. :)

This is such an exciting time! I am of course excited at the girls’ developments, and I’m also excited to realize the power of The Blog. Apparently, all I have to do is post something the girls aren’t doing, and they take it upon themselves to prove me wrong.

So, let’s give this another try…the girls aren’t yet potty-trained. Now if I can report tomorrow that they used the toilet, we’ll have it made!


Nicole said...

Woohoo, go girls! Now, mine wake up chattering a mile a minute about EVERYTHING and don't stop until bedtime. It makes my husband's head spin sometimes (he is very quiet by nature), but it is also so sweet.

If the power of the blog works for potty training, I will be blogging A LOT more often, so stay tuned. lol

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Oh, so very sweet. My 18 month old isn't talking much now, but my 3.5 year old sure is...and she makes up for it.

Krissi McVicker said...

Isn't it adorable when they start talking? How exciting! ;-) Thanks for stopping by! (My Ordinary Miracles)

reanbean said...

Watching my kids acquire language skills has been such a magical experience. From the moment they first started talking all the way up to present day, I'm continually fascinated by how much they are taking in, understanding, and able to produce. Just wait till they start singing!