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March 25, 2010

Our First Set of Twins

Meet Misha and Sasha, our first set of twins.

When we got our furry babies almost 10 years ago, we actually did call them “twins”. I always described them as “identical” orange tabbies from the same litter, save for Misha outweighing his sister by five or six pounds. Of course now that we have non-furry twins, I realize I should have been saying they’re “fraternal”, as – being male and female – there are some additional anatomical differences between them. :) [Just a little “twin humor” for those of you taking notes…]

Misha and Sasha were our only babies for a long time, and we took a lot of pleasure in spoiling them rotten. (They happen to have a certain custom handmade cat condo from a small scale operation in Florida, for example.) We also did things that I now realize “normal” people do for their non-furry children, like buying duplicates of their favorite toys, for when the originals started to wear.

When A & B were born, Misha and Sasha had to endure quite a few adjustments. They can no longer depend on Mommy and Daddy to be at their beck and meow for brushing or belly rubs. And the din in the house has increased considerably.

We do make special time for the furry babies after A & B go to bed, however. And although the kitties are banned from the den during the day, they have the run of the living room and dining room furniture, which they consider quite the treat.

A & B LOVE their furry brother and sister. Since the time they were tiny, they would get so excited to even glimpse the kitties. And Misha and Sasha have even taken to indulging the girls from time to time. They’ll come and sit just out of reach of A & B. The girls shriek with excitement and wave like mad, and maybe on some level – at least in my imagination – Misha and Sasha appreciate their swooning fans.

My husband and I have gotten quite the kick out of thinking about our furry twins seeming to foreshadow our non-furry twins.

And even though they may not be related, there's no question that life is sweeter in pairs!

(Thanks to reanbean for prompting me to finally write this post!)

1 comment:

reanbean said...

Hey Mandy,

What cute little twin kitties you have! So funny how, in a way, they prepared you for what would come with A & B.

Tiny and Buba absolutely adore our cat, Pokey. They squeal with delight every time they see her, and want to badly to be able to play with her (she's still a bit skittish). They're both getting much better at patting her gently, so hopefully it won't be too much longer until they can all enjoy each other's company.

I've enjoyed poking around your blog. I'll definitely be back!

p.s. I read this post back when we were staying with my in-laws and just finally found time to come back to it to leave a comment (still trying to catch up on the many blogs I try to follow).