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November 5, 2012

Super Stuff on a Monday

What made our week super-fabulous?  So much stuff!  I’m bullet-pointing as best I can to get it all in!

1)      We had such a fun Halloween, all the way around.  The girls loved their pumpkin party at school, and they were ecstatic to get a little treat bag from their teachers.  We had a great time with M&C on Wednesday morning, and they really got into the festivities on Wednesday afternoon.  And perhaps best of all, they were content to come inside and snuggle by the fireplace for a few minutes before going to bed (on time!) Wednesday night.  Bliss!

2)      Baby A’s recap of handing out candy: “Mommy, some kids couldn’t talk, so I talked for them.”  If a kid didn’t say “Thank you!” she very innocently volunteered it for them.

3)      My sweet Baby B’s tender heart…she started tearing up when her daddy said (very nonchalantly) that he would get rid of our jack-o-lanterns the day after Halloween.

4)      Baby A’s prowess at using scissors and tape.  She’s occupied herself for up to an hour on several days, cutting out shapes or pictures from magazines, and then taping them onto a blank page.  She’s such a hard worker!

5)      Baby A was such a great helper during nap time one day this week.  She stuck by me through folding two loads of laundry, and then she made countless trips upstairs to put away socks, washcloths, towels, tshirts…anything she could reach.  Daddy was upstairs, and he said she had such a “business” look on her face.  HA!

6)      Finding Baby B napping one afternoon with her pillow on top of her.  She was so cute…and then she was so proud of being a “turtle” after I woke her up!

7)      B organized the alphabet magnets (from two full sets = 52 tiles) in order one morning.  I think I heard her sing the ABC Song 26 times…but she persisted and did an amazing job!

8)      Hearing the girls jump up and down, chanting over and over, Hip-hop dancers!  Hip-hop dancers!  They were giggling hysterically…and so was I!  [I can only surmise they got that from our “ABC’s of NYC” book, where “H” is hip-hop dancer.]

9)      We had our family pictures on Saturday.  The girls did so well…and they even had fun!  I cannot wait to see the smiles on their faces.

10)   Happening upon a marathon during our Sunday morning walk through our neighborhood.  We had such fun stopping to cheer on the runners, and B even got to yell into a megaphone.

11)   We let the girls watch the last couple of minutes of the Alabama game on Sunday morning.  Baby B clapped at all the right times, and she even told Aunt GG on the phone about Alabama’s touchdown!  Mama was so proud!!!

12)   The girls have been golden not to get up until their clock turned green, but they’ve been awake a good 30 minutes “early” since the time change.  This morning B was laughing like mad and talking complete nonsense.  Baby A, who probably wanted to enjoy her “extra” hour, kept insisting, “Sissy, that’s not a word!

13)   The very first thing the girls said when I went into their room this morning: “Muffins!  Muffins!  I smell muffins!  And correct they were!  They were so excited with their home-baked treat.

So thankful for another great week with my sweet baby girls!!!


Charlene Juliani said...

those are extra super sweet are building so many awesome memories for your girls!

Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

Get Baby A a bottle of Mod Podge, STAT! Sounds like she has your crafty gene, and can start making some mean collages. :)

Unknown said...

Such good little helpers you have!! Yours sweet girl recognizing the smell of muffins totally reminds me of Jacob - he's got a good sniffer on him! :-) He can pick up scents quickly and enjoys a good smell! :-)

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I love reading these but I also feel guilty because I'm so bad at writing these things down. Tell me again how you do it.

Although last night D went to a movie so I did bedtime reading. Nanny S did some weird knots to keep the wardrobe closed so I couldn't get to their books. kendra looked at me suspiciously, pointed that finger and said, "I think I'll go get some of the books in the sunroom" and she did. She doled them out evenly (2 each to me, Connor and for her) and then bossed us around. "Mummy, you read first, then me, then Connor"

She's not normally bossy at all so I laughed and laughed!

cat said...

Oh I love how you share these moments and hope the pictures are great