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November 9, 2012

Fab Friday!

What made this week so fabulous???

1)      Listening to my baby girls sing anything (and almost always out of tune).  Baby A was naming the colors of the text in a particular book, and she started singing…”Turquoise, purple, blue, green…” ending with a soulful “…exclamation point!  Love it!

2)      A fantastic family day on Tuesday.  The girls and the hubby were out of school for election day, and we had such a great day together.  We went out for breakfast – a huge treat! – and then the girls played so well with me at home.  We then did an encore performance by going out to lunch (almost unheard of to go out twice in one day, these days!).  Tuesday afternoon Daddy had some “baby girl time” while I sneaked a little time away.  And for supper, the girls were ecstatic to see me serving shrimp scampi.  We had this on my birthday!” B exclaimed.

3)      Hearing the girls play hide-and-seek with Daddy while I was making supper one night.  They struggle to play by the rules by themselves…the one who is supposed to be hiding can rarely resist jumping out with a big “Ta-da!”…but Daddy hid with one of the girls.  It was dark already, so they had an extra element of surprise.  The giggles (from the girls AND Daddy) were nothing short of awesome.

4)      Seeing the girls play “president”.  After we watched Obama’s speech from Tuesday night, the girls set up chairs.  They took turns being the president, giving a speech.  What I got the biggest kick out of was that their speech was always the Pledge of Allegiance.  I was impressed they connected that with the president!

5)      The girls had just finished cutting out their letter “J” pictures for school, and they were writing their names on their envelopes.  I was concentrating on B, while A drew a very recognizable pig on her envelope.  And then – if I weren’t already impressed enough – she asked, “Mommy, how do you spell ‘pig’?” and she added the letters to her drawing.

6)      A good, old-fashioned cold and rainy day at home on Wednesday.  The girls played so well on Wednesday morning, looking for pictures in magazines, cutting out pictures, and then drawing.  Wednesday afternoon they threatened to be a little restless, until I suggested we get out our blocks.  Baby A wanted to build a stroller – “a double one, like we have in the car,” she told me.  We fashioned a pretty decent “stroller”, if I do say so, and the girls spent close to two hours “driving it” through a maze I made from blankets and pillows.

7)      The girls’ amazement at the fog.  Thursday morning was incredibly foggy, and I knew the girls would be so excited to see it.  Sure enough, they pulled chairs to the patio doors and sat there for about 20 minutes, just gazing outside.

8)      Having such a successful trip to the mall on Thursday afternoon.  We needed dressy shoes for the girls’ Christmas pictures, and I was so proud how well they behaved.  They stood patiently and had their feet measured, and then followed directions exactly as I shopped for what we needed.  They each carried a bag, and they did well at the second store when we went to buy our tights.  Of course that stellar performance earned a ride on the escalator, and that made their day!

9)      The girls’ obsession with a new book we bought at Sam’s on Monday, “5 Minute Christmas Stories”.  I hadn’t really planned to start Christmas-ing this early, but they are already so excited.  We have read the 10 stories in that book countless times in the past four days, literally probably six times, cover to cover.  I just love seeing them so enthralled with a book…and I sure am enjoying the snuggle time on the couch.

10)   And the quotes of the week…

A, listening to her sister talk nonsense in bed one morning: “Sissy!  That’s not a word!” over and over.

B: “Get me out of time-out!  I’m ready to make better decisions!

So thankful for my sweet baby girls!

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Barbara Manatee said...

My kids love Hide-n-seek and this is funny - they LOVE to get scared (jumped out at!). The other day, Jacob ASKED me to scare him as he came out of the bathroom after his bath. I told him no, but still went and hid behind the door and jumped out as he walked by. The scream and giggles are hilarious! ha!

I remember the first time last year that Adam saw fog and I said it was "foggy" and he kept saying "ribbit, ribbit!?" ha!