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November 4, 2012

Well-Rested Babies and Warm Ice Cream Memories

I grew up in a teeny-tiny town.  There were only a handful of restaurants, and very little fast food.  We had a Dairy Queen, but I think it must have been independently owned.  They had the yummy ice cream confections, but the food they served was mostly home-cooked meat and veggies.

Growing up, I remember going to the Dairy Queen a few times a month with my parents.  We'd sometimes meet our neighbors there, or maybe one of my friends' families.  I can't remember what I would eat for supper...but I know my mind was always fixated on what I'd have for dessert.  Even my dad -- who has never eaten many sweets -- would sometimes indulge in some ice cream.  Or at least he'd help me finish something I'd ordered when my eyes were bigger than my belly.

The Dairy Queen in my hometown closed long ago, and I don't get back there often, anyway.  I was so excited a few years ago when I learned that we were getting a Dairy Queen where we live!

I seriously love a good Blizzard...the taste of my youth!  But I'll say I've been very disciplined in not making a habit of dropping by the DQ.  Still, I was looking forward to introducing the girls to an old-fashioned frozen treat when they were 18 months old or so.

We've only been a handful of times, but the girls seem to know it's something pretty special.  It wasn't really intentional on my part, but the girls perceive the Dairy Queen as the HUGEST of treats, and that's OK by me!

You may know that my dear Baby A has been boycotting naptime for a long time now...roughly since the middle of August.  I've been telling the girls, if they BOTH nap, we'll go to the Dairy Queen.  They added to the incentive by saying they wanted a cone.  (They've only had a cone once before, as I greatly prefer the less-messy option of a cup.)

Yesterday was the magical day.  After a big morning of family pictures (which I think went pretty well!!!), the girls were both tired.  Even Baby A conceded to try to nap...and nap, they did...almost two hours!!!

The first thing they said when they got up was, "Can we go to the Dairy Queen for an ice cream cone?"  And I was more than happy to make good on that promise.

B: Yes, I really did a good job napping!

A: Ahhh!  I feel so refreshed after my nap...ready to attack my cone!

Look!  Does your sissy have an ice cream mustache?

Both girls did pretty well with their cones.  We got some drips on our "lucky" Alabama shirts, but we didn't have to change before going to the park.  :)  Baby A was very methodical, licking all around.  Baby B chomped into the cone after only a few licks. 

And Mommy got tremendous pleasure from sharing a yummy treat with her well-rested babies.


Julia said...

Dairy Queen holds a special place in my heart too. Growing up, my parents would take us through the drive-thru, then we would go driving through this wooded state park enjoying our treats. :)

I love taking the girls to enjoy ice cream treats on a random afternoon. It reminds me of those special times when our family would go driving around the park, spending time together :)

Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

MMMM - Dairy Queen (the Texas Stop Sign, as we call it). I love that there is one every 30 miles or so on our way to San Antonio. Or the lake. Or College Station. :)

Looks like your girls are cone pros.

Trish said...

We love Dairy Queen...ooh dip cones are our favorite! Growing up in TX the Dairy Queens were everywhere and served food too...but here in Georgia it seems they mainly are just an ice cream place. I thought that was so strange the first time I went in, expecting to order some steak fingers, and they didn't have "food"!! Love the pictures of your girls, and the lucky Alabama shirts worked too :)

Charlene said...

We live in a small town too and have a DQ...we go there at least once every summer. Your girls will have such great memories too just like you when they get older.

Barbara Manatee said...

Yum!! Glad pics went well (can't wait to see the results!) and yeah for such a great nap! (I'm jealous!)

Cuz I'm the mama! said...

You know I was smiling through this entire post!! And a double YAY for a double nap day!

Louisa said...

Yumm! That looks like a very special treat indeed. We don't have a Dairy Queen here, but we have what i think is probably pretty similar called Milky Lane? And you can get soft serve at almost all of the fast food chains for very cheap. Messy, sweet and fun - what's not to love? :-)

cat said...

AH, look at those very happy faces! Love your memories too