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November 1, 2012

Our Halloween Fun

Our Halloween fun wasn't just about posing for our annual family photo, of course!  We kicked off the day with a play date with our sweet friends M&C.  

First, there was toilet paper ghost bowling...

Look at the concentration on C's face as he let the ball fly!

And then we made some crafts...

Our paper plate spiderweb...
...and these toilet paper roll bats.
And then it was time for lunch!

Owl-shaped sandwich and spider-stuffed eggs...

An awesome veggie tray skeleton!

It got very quiet when lunch was served...guess they were hungry!

Our little goblins, gobbling up their goodies!

A big smile from M!

And owl s'mores for dessert.
 And of course a group picture to cap off the day!

C, A, B, M

After a glorious nap (at least for one of my beauties), the girls were SO excited to get dressed in their butterfly costumes and head out to visit with some neighbors.

Nose kiss following our family photo...I love that little look on A's face!!!

Checking out the bushes for a good place to light.

Butterflies had better watch out for spiderwebs!
Posing with Mommy.

Up the walk to Mrs. N's house.

We don't exactly go trick-or-treating...rather we make a three-block loop to see a handful of friends.  We delivered a few hand-made goody boxes (raisin boxes decorated to look like jack-o-lanterns...and of course I forgot to get a picture), and we got to show off our little ladies.  :)  :)

When we got back home, I had a couple of bags of candy for the girls to hand out.  This was their first time to do so, and they loved it!  They told every child, "Happy Halloween!"  [I had to laugh at what A said over dinner.  "And some of the kids couldn't talk, so I talked for them, Mommy."  After her Halloween well-wishes, if a child didn't say, "Trick or treat!", or later, "Thank you," Baby A would volunteer it for them in a sing-song voice...HA!]

The candy didn't last long, both girls wanted to put a piece in each kid's bag (so two pieces for every kid).  That's was getting chilly by that time, even with our jackets on under our costumes!

Right as we ran out of candy and were heading inside, we saw our sweet friends M&A and their big brother J.  That was a great bookend to our big day.

J, M, A, B, A

It was such a great day, all the way awesome mix of friends and fun...made even better by how much the girls were able to understand and enjoy this year. 

Until next year!


cat said...

It does look like great great fun

Double the Giggles said...

What a fun, festive get-together!...and that nose-kiss! My heart just melted! So sweet!

Louisa said...

Looks like buskets full of fun! Adorable butterfly suits.

Safire said...

Looks like tons of fun! And so crafty! Awesome job.

Charlene said...

Looks like fun and might I add that you look amazing in that orange color :)

Barbara Manatee said...

The sandwiches and s'mores were adorable!! LOVE the girls' butterfly costumes. I remember seeing the same costume online when Sarah and I were browsing butterfly costumes. I liked it but she had something more colorful in mind. :-)