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November 23, 2012

A Bit About Me, November Edition

My birthday is February 23, and on the 23rd of each month, I share a couple of random facts about myself...

I have never eaten a Twinkie.

During the buzz this past week about the Hostess closing, it hit me that I've never eaten a Twinkie.  Over the course of my elementary school years, I probably ate my then-weight in Little Debbie snack cakes, but I don't remember ever having a Twinkie, or a Ho-Ho, or a Ding-Dong.  While part of me feels like I missed out on something all-American, I don't think they'll make me turn in my red, white, and blue.  [All this talk leaves me with the odd hankering for a Swiss Cake Roll, though!]

I love the tradition of an Advent calendar.

I didn't have that tradition growing up, but I can't wait to start one in earnest for the girls.  Last year we did countdown calendars, where they got to add a sticker ornament to their handprint tree each day, until it was fully decorated on Christmas.  This year I'm going to structure it with an activity each day.  I cannot wait!!!

Tune in next month for more randomness!


Mandy said...

You are not missing out on the twinkies. I had one once, it didn't really come across as food. More like a sponge (and not sponge cake) with sweet goop in the middle.

I'm half way through my activity/advent/christmas thingy! I'm so excited. We should share!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

My work colleague (the thanksgiving one :)) told me the same thing about the Twinkies. I said (as Mandy did), "oh, you're not missing much" HAHAHA

So did you blog your hand tree sticker thing from last year - that sounds low-key and doable....

Johanna at The Baker Twins said...

I didn't have one until a party recently where the mom made 'Yellow Submarines' out of them for a Beatles party. I thought I was being so sweet letting Cam and Gray split one. Both actually spit it out! They would also tell you that you weren't missing much.

I'm a Little Debbie girl too - Mmmm. I would kill for a Nutty Bar right now. ;)

Barbara Manatee said...

I love advent calendars, too! I always loved one as a kid and I love having one for my kids, too. We have one we use every year - they create the nativity scene. they do a good job taking turns (although they counted out the days so Sarah could figure out the 'pattern' so she was the one to get to put Baby Jesus in on Christmas Eve...ha!). I was thinking about having our Elves bring them each one of their own little paper advent calendars that they can each open the 'doors' on themselves each day, too. :-)