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February 12, 2012

The Meaning of Valentine's Day, per A and B

I've always heard that the holidays are so much more fun with kids, and I always associated that statement with "the holidays", meaning Christmas.

I'm learning that "the holidays" in the context of little kiddos doesn't just refer to Christmas. Even Groundhog's Day is fun when shared with the wee ones...reading books, doing crafts, and inventing ways to celebrate!

Ahead of Valentine's Day, we've been doing lots and lots of crafts, mostly making cards for our friends and family. And I've been impressing upon the girls that that's what it's all about...expressing our love to those we hold dear.

A couple of days ago, the girls were working on their magnetic drawing pads. Baby B announced, "I'm making a Valentine for Sasha!"

That's so nice! What does it say?

In her typical expressive fashion -- complete with batting eyelashes, head nods, and waving hands -- B proclaimed:

"It says...

Dear Sasha, Your fur is so soft and I like to stroke it, and your nose is so wet and I like to pet you and I love you."

No doubt she picked up on that line of thinking from one of the books we've been reading, but sweet!

My girls melt my heart with their sweet play patterns, showing me they're taking in all the elements of their environment. And their awesome regard for their furry sister Sasha is the icing on the cupcake for this mama.


Marcia (123 blog) said...

they really are adorable!

I want to talk about Valentine's on the blog tonight :)

Listen, do you find it easier to blog daily than M-F? I'll tell you why I ask when I hear your answer LOL

Lorie said...

Cute story!! :)

Thanks for stopping by Reading Confetti!

Barbara Manatee said...

SO cute! Jacob and Sarah have been diligently working on their valentines for school. I signed Adam's for him while he put them back in the box (he had 30+ to do!). He kept hearing J&S talk about their "party" and kept wanting HIS Party (he was confusing "party" with "cards"). I think he'll be happy to find out he DOES get a party at school this week, too! :-)