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February 24, 2012

Fab Friday!

So very blessed with another fabulous week!

1) We had a really busy day on Saturday. We don’t usually do more than one “activity”, but there were a couple of community events that we wanted to attend. We started the day at the Train Museum, taking in the model train show. The girls’ favorite part was “driving the toy train”, a miniature locomotive they each got to steer.

2) Then we went to lunch at Smokey Bones, or “Fokey Bones”, as Baby A calls it. We hadn’t been there in ages, but the girls devoured a grilled chicken breast, steamed broccoli, and macaroni and cheese. There was literally nothing left on their plates! It's so nice when the girls enjoy a meal out as much as Daddy and I.

3) After a nice nap (for all of us!), we went to the Chin National Day Celebration to see some of my husband’s students and their families from Malaysia, Thailand, and Burma. The girls grooved to some music, although they both kept saying, “It’s too loud!” HA!

4) And we rounded out Saturday by dropping off dinner to a friend whose baby girls have been ill. The girls were so concerned when I told them Erin and Lana were sick. They’ve asked at least 20 times, But the fruit salad will make the babies feel better, right?

5) In celebration of Mardi Gras, I made Cajun shrimp and grits and bread pudding. The girls loved it all! And I love seeing my girls enjoying good food.

6) On Tuesday “Nana” Audrey came by. She brought the girls a belated birthday present, new baby dolls. It so warms my heart that they chose to name them after our friends’ twin girls, Erin and Lana.

7) And “Nana” Audrey French-braided the girls’ hair. They sat really still, taken with their new dolls…and I can’t get over how sweet they looked!!! Baby A had her hair down within an hour, but B kept hers up through lunch…a new record, for sure!

8) The girls and I met one of my former colleagues for lunch on Tuesday. It’s always a treat to see her, and to see her interacting with my girlies. Her grandchildren are in the same age bracket as A and B, but they don’t live close by. I think it does her heart as good as it does ours.

9) We are so very lucky to have Daddy home with us for bedtime, 99% of the time. Two nights this week, though, he had to work late at school. That made for a long day for me, but we managed pretty well. It helped that we were able to get out for a walk each day – sometimes twice – and the girls took it relatively easy on their mama. It was so sweet to hear the girls tell Daddy how much they missed him the following mornings, though…and they were thrilled when Daddy came home on time on Wednesday.

10) We met Daddy at the park on Wednesday afternoon. It had been about two months since we were last there. It was AMAZING to see how much more proficient the girls were with all the equipment, in such a short amount of time! Baby A bolted for the slides, and even Baby B went down by herself numerous times after a bit of coaxing. The girls climbed up – and down! – a “rock” wall, which they’d never even attempted before. And Baby A was all about the MONKEY BARS (with Daddy’s help). My girls are getting so big!!! [They're still kinda scared of the swings, though!]

11) The girls and I were snuggling before bed one night. Baby A said, “If Sasha were here, then Mommy would have all her baby girls.” I can’t help but smile at her grammar…and her sweet regard for her furry sister.

[I haven’t worked to contain my list to five points – a la “Fab 5 Friday” – in a while, it seems. There’s just so much fun stuff happening these days, stuff I just don’t want to forget!]

And I certainly had a FABULOUS birthday day on Thursday...but I'm saving that for another post! :)


Marcia (123 blog) said...

I love all the food talk :)

I had stirfried veggies and pasta with chicken sausage for supper, and a glass of cold water with a slice of lemon (that's my favourite drink)

LOVE "if Sasha were here"

Mandy said...

I was all about dinner till you mentioned grits....bleck! Silly southerner! LOL

I dread the long days. They nearly kill me. Kudos to you for keeping it together. I often complain the DH could do more to help out when he gets home but when he's not there I suddenly long for him reading, er, I mean watching the girls in the living room!

cat said...

Your week sounds fabulous

Barbara Manatee said...

Cajun shrimp sounds delicious! So does the park! We had snow day here due to very heavy snow all day long. We've had pretty mild temps this winter but still not quite park weather! Soon hopefully!