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February 21, 2012

Maybe It Takes "Crazy" to Know "Crazy"

Before I was pregnant with the girls, I would hear people talk about “baby brain”, and think they were pretty crazy. C’mon folks…buck up and quit making excuses. The meeting was scheduled a full week ago. Where were you???

And then enter a couple of sweet little embryos.

I don’t think I missed any meetings at work, but I certainly felt a bit scatterbrained from time to time. While I never labeled myself as such, I began to wonder…perhaps there is something to this “baby brain” concept after all???

After the girls were born, I felt even more scatterbrained, but I could chalk that up to sleep deprivation, times two, at least for the first three months. After the girls began to sleep through the night, though, I started to wonder (and worry)…when will this “baby brain” go away? When will I feel like my head is squarely on my shoulders again?

When the girls were eight or nine months old, I finally began to feel like “myself” again. And while I can’t say I’ve been walking the straight and narrow (organized) path every day since, I haven’t thought much about “baby brain” in quite some time.

…but recently I’ve caught myself doing some pretty goofy things…nothing of real consequence…but geez!

Twice, I’ve left the house – once to eat lunch in a decent restaurant! – wearing my “garage” shoes, a very RATTY pair of flip flops I wear when I load the girls in the car. In addition to them being really RATTY, both times, it was COLD, not flip-flop weather.

I needed powdered sugar last week. I thought the box felt a little odd, but it wasn’t until I was putting things away in my pantry that I realized I bought GRANULATED sugar.

And I caught myself doing baby signs to our cat. In small defense, it was nap time, and I was tiptoeing around…but I felt pretty SILLY.

I don’t know if I could still legitimately claim “baby brain”…maybe it’s just a case of the crazies.

And then, yesterday, as the girls and I were checking out at Target, I was approached by a Crazy Lady…

…completely out of the blue, she made her way over to tell me how, when she was the girls’ age, she went grocery shopping with her mother.

“In those days, people bought Kotex, you know. And later that day, we had company for dinner. My mother asked me to get more napkins, and I went to the bathroom and brought the box of Kotex napkins to the table.”

A funny story, for sure, but it did little to help my crazy complex. Perhaps it takes one to know one, and that random Crazy Lady sought me out.


Brad Jenkins said...

I think it can happen to all of us. I had the girls loaded up for a solo excursion on Saturday. As I got in the car I realized I was wearing my "house sweats", with crocs, an old ratty t-shirt, and hadn't put on any deoderant or done anything to repair my bed head.

I took a minute and a half to change and groom and then headed out.

Not that I'm the poster child for caring about what I look like in public, but even that would have been a bit much for me.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Join my crazy! I know my memory's not the same - I used to be outstanding, not I'm not bad but have to still write down a lot of things to remember.

Also, are you getting excited for Thurs??? :)

Mandy said...

My wardrobe totally went to pot after having the girls. I only wear flip flops so I really don't see a problem with garage shoes and I'm a little farther north than you LOL!

I'm pretty sure children in general are a magnet for crazies. I think they know we are pretty crazy for dealing with them and that just maybe we'll take pity on them.

Johanna said...

Glad to know you suffer from the mommy-brain too. :) I still chock some things up to mommy brain... and mine are going to be 4 in a few months!

Is that the same thing as when the girls were 18 months old and telling people that I 'just had twins'. :)

Wiley said...

Embrace the crazy is my philosophy and I recommend it highly!

Beth said...

Yep. I'm completely crazy. To make matters worse, I used to have an excellent memory and attention to detail. Oh how I miss those days...

One of my biggest 'baby brain' moments came when the quads were about 6 mos. I was getting the cereal out of the pantry for breakfast. When I opened the door, I found not only the cereal, but a(fortunately mostly empty) gallon of milk! Apparently the day before I had put it away with the cereal. Oops...

I agree that it is a little weird that the 'crazy' lady sought you out. Let's just assume you looked friendly and approachable.

Anonymous said...

gah! i have SEVEN posts to catch up on for you!! about to hop in bed, but thought i'd touch base.

you're NOT crazy. it's totally normal to go out in flip flops in 30 degree weather, right? ;)

and there's not that much difference between powdered and least they're both sugar!

or maybe i'm making excuses because i do the same thing?? ;)

Barbara Manatee said...

ha! when Adam was a baby, I went grocery shopping by myself - AI had a FULL cart full of food (including produce, milk and frozen stuff) and got in the line to check out - realizing then that I had my purse - but no wallet. I'd left it in the diaper bag earlier that day - which was at home. No cash. No credit card. No debit card. no checks. No license!

I had to ask them to stash my cart in the cooler and drive the 30 mile-round trip back home to get my wallet and come back! seriously so embarrassing!!!

Olusola said...

Imagine if you could actually teach your cat baby sign language! That would take you from crazy to cool :), I always blame the crazies on mommy brain. Afterall, what person in her right mind puts soiled tissues by the sink and tosses all her kids' bottles in the trash?

championm2000 said...

See my post from yesterday...apparently mom brain strikes dads, too.