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February 3, 2012

Fab 6 Friday!

We’ve had such a gorgeous week of weather. While I would mostly rather the seasons stick to how they’re supposed to act, we have so enjoyed all the time outside. The girls and I have gotten in some great stroller walks, and some great hand-in-hand walks, too…sometimes in immediate succession. We’re all just soaking up the sunshine and fresh air, and that’s truly fabulous!

In other fabulous news…

1) We usually go out to lunch on Saturday, and we had our sights set on one of our favorite dives. Hubby saw an ad in the paper for a new restaurant, though, and – spur of the moment – we decided to try it. It was excellent! From-scratch sandwiches, pizzas, and salads, in some pretty interesting flavor combinations, using “Kentucky Proud” ingredients. We had a great meal…and how GREAT it was to try a new place – spur of the moment – with the girlies!

2) The girls and I have had so much fun making Valentines this week! Pictures to come, of course. :)

3) It’s rare that the girls and I go out to lunch during the middle of the week, but we decided to break with routine and treat ourselves to a mid-week outing. Aunt Karen was available to join us, and it made for such a nice morning. We enjoyed our lunch, and the girls were extra-snuggly that day, too…there’s just something so heartwarming about seeing my babies cuddled with their “auntie”.

4) We have a small futon in the girls’ room, and we used to cuddle there every morning as a family. We had to dispense with that when potty-training started, though, as we began making a beeline for the bathroom instead. Over the past couple of days, the girls have asked to read books when they woke up. How sweet it is to snuggle with them there, so reminiscent of their baby days.

5) I noticed a new freckle on Baby A this week, a tiny one on her left collarbone. I know I won’t always be able to document every little thing, but it makes my heart smile to be able to recognize such little changes…and to know that that little freckle will be with her always.

6) Baby B is an avid thumb-sucker, but only when she sleeps. When she’s really tired, she’ll go ahead and insert her thumb into her mouth as I’m zipping up her blanket. Daddy has been talking to her gently, asking her to try to refrain. Bless her heart…she’s trying…but I had such a laugh one night. I zipped up her blanket and she tucked her left hand inside. She wrapped her right thumb in her blanket too, and said, I’ll just put it here so it’s safe. Hahaha! And of course as soon as her head hit the mattress, I heard that familiar sucking sound.

And me???

I met a friend for a late cup of coffee on Friday night, scoring my favorite spot in the whole city, right in front of the fire place at the coffee shop. AND…I got a pedicure…ALONE…on Sunday afternoon. Bliss!!!

Hope there was plenty of fabulous in your week, too!


Helene said...

Oh wow, it sounds like you had a fabulous week filled with lots of new adventures and good times!

I just love your blog, Mandy. You always make me smile and your positive attitude is so refreshing!

Johanna said...

How precious is B telling you that she was going to keep her thumb safe!?

Sounds like you really did have a fabulous week! Hope next week is just as great.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

TOO Sweet. love, love, LOVE all the talking and the sweetness. And the freckle. I also noticed a new mole on K's temple this holiday.

I told D you still have your kids in cots and he said, "how did she manage that?" I said, "sleepsacks" - you are a genius!

We're going bed shopping tomorrow, or bed looking :)

cat said...

Oh you had a fabulous week. Hope the next one is just as great.

Just Another Mom of Twins said...

I always love reading you Fab 5 friday posts...makes me recount the wonderful things that have happened in my neck of the woods too!

Have a gerat weekend!

Barbara Manatee said...

Can I just say how much I love that you find such joy in every little corner of your life? ;-) It really makes me want to step back and appreciate the little things more! (AND remember that sometimes the little things are the BIG things :-)

Jacob was an avid thumb sucker until around age 3. We worried that he'd be stuck on it forever and then one day, we realized he didn't do it anymore. Part of me was very relieved...but a lil part of me was sad. He was always SO stinkin cute when he did it (also when he was tired or nervous).

I shared a couple glasses of wine tonight with some girlfriends. It was for a 'meeting' for our MOMs group but also plenty of social time. I desperately need a hair cut, facial and would LOVE a massage or pedi. :-) And...I'm totally in the mood for a night out for dancing!!

Julia said...

Truly a mama's joy to notice tiny little things in their children, make note, and tuck those things away in your heart. Love the way you talked about that, Mandy---just beautiful.

I got to get a pedicure on Saturday all by myself too!! You're right---bliss! :)