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February 28, 2012

It's Fleeting...

My word of the year for 2012 is AWARE. I chose this word, thinking not so much about my girls…but rather as relates to the many other aspects of my every day life

As a general rule, I think I do a good job of practicing AWARENESS as a mother…but still, there are moments every day that strike me, reminding me that – while there will no doubt be new joys tomorrow – the joys of today are fleeting.

One of the tiny little moments I’m really savoring now is loading and unloading my girls from their car seats.

I know it won’t be long before they insist on climbing in and out themselves…that they won’t always delight as I lift them up high and twirl them around. I know that an itty-bitty tickle won’t always yield a great squeal of anticipation. And one day “AIRPLANE!” in the parking lot of the grocery store won’t evoke that contagious belly laugh.

Coupon savings and long lines at the checkout are so easily forgotten when I pause for a second to enjoy the twinkling eyes of my baby girls.

And on the way home from our errand, I find joy, too. Our girls are still rear-facing in their car seats, and there’s something so incredibly dear about reaching back over my shoulder at a traffic light, barely grasping their tiny, sticky hand in mine, feeling them pull against me in a little game…and then hearing Sissy squeal, “Take my hand, Mommy!

These are such small moments in time…fleeting…but I’m doing my best to be AWARE and savor them while I can.


Anonymous said...

:) thanks for this reminder!!!

our kids are still rear facing, too and they beg me to sit in the back (of the minivan) so we can play games and make faces at each other.


IASoupMama said...

My twins are closing in on their first birthday and I have been keenly aware at how quickly their babyhood is flying by. They are my last wee ones and every day is a "Last day with a baby this age" kind of day. Wistful, hopeful and loving all at one time.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Yes, I'm like the previous commenter too. TOnight Connor told me he didn't need help with his milk or something and I said to D, "it breaks my heart" (D thinks I'm a big softie but they're getting big SO fast)

I love your end-of-the-month word-of the-year recap, by the way :)

Johanna said...

Love this! Mine are approaching four, and they still wait for me to lift them down from their carseats. Still want me to carry them (although I can't carry both for very long anymore), and still love to hold my hand in the parking lot. Will it make you feel better to know that you have at least another year... probably longer, to enjoy these sweet moments?

Just Another Mom of Twins said...

So true...sometimes we wish the real "moments" away without even knowing! :(

Rear facing carseats...really? Wow! It's been almost 18 mths since we've had THAT...a little green with jealousy! LOL!