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November 26, 2011

Super 7 Saturday

(Like Fab 5 Friday, plus a couple!)

Super...fabulous…no matter how I say it, it’s been a pretty great week.

1) We had a very rainy first-part-of-the-week, which just seems to call for finger paint. The girls had a great time, and [KNOCK ON WOOD!], they’ve done so well the past couple of times, containing their mess. I love seeing their different techniques, too. B tends to use a little bit of paint to go a long way, while A globs it up so thick it takes all day to dry. You’d think they’d been to different schools of art, or something.

2) The skies dried up by Wednesday, just in time for the start of Daddy’s Thanksgiving vacation. We bundled up and went to the zoo…and had the place almost to ourselves! We literally didn’t see another family for the first 45 minutes we were there. We mostly hung out with the giraffes and elephants, and they put on quite a show for us. It was really neat to feel that connection with those gorgeous animals.

3) Thursday we enjoyed our first Thanksgiving as just the four of us. It was a pretty special day. We sat at the dining room table together (no high chairs!), and the girls enjoyed quite a feast. The weather was perfect that afternoon for a long walk together, and we ended the day with a sampling of Mommy’s pumpkin cheesecake. (The girls are officially in love, I’m afraid. The first words out of B’s mouth on Friday morning involved “dessert”…HA!)

4) Friday morning the girls helped me make Chex Mix. They were very patient, taking turns measuring the ingredients and dumping them in the bowl. And they were super excited to enjoy the fruits of their labor as a snack.

5) Friday afternoon, Hubby and I put up the outside Christmas lights while the girls napped. They both were all giggles to spy the wreath on the front door (which they could see from upstairs when they got up). Their faces were priceless when we came home from the grocery store at dusk and saw our bushes aglow. Baby A cracked me up when she said, “I’ll just stand right here while you make a picture.” She must really have been taken, as she’s not usually one to volunteer to pose for the camera!

6) My babies are growing up, and I notice it in some of the most everyday ways sometimes…Baby B is quite the master at covering her mouth before she sneezes, and then she’ll say, “I covered my mouth!” And I just noticed how proficiently Baby A is going down the stairs, one foot on each step, just like a grown-up!

7) The girls never cease to amaze me…every day…with what they know and what they remember. As we were pulling into the zoo, B said, “You need to get a ticket to park.” I have no idea how (or why!) she remembered that minute detail from our one trip, almost two months ago, but she was right! And as we were walking on Thursday afternoon, a very large cat crossed our path about a block ahead of us. Baby A squealed that she saw a puppy. “I think that’s a kitty cat,” I told her. Oh! I got confused! she laughed. Seriously...too cute.

So thankful this week…and always…for my super, fabulous, awesome blessings.


Miss Megan said...

They are fabulous awesome blessings =). So glad you had an awesome Thanksgiving and an awesome week! And no highchairs at the Thanksgiving table?!?! Stellar!!! Way to go ladies!!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

what an awesome week - and your thanksgiving sounds just perfect to me.

are you travelling to family for Christmas?

And I always mean to ask and then I forget... where are J's family? When does he see them?

Beth said...

Sounds like your week was fabulous and super!!

2. Years ago (in our pre-quad life) when Will was around 2, we had a rainy morning. Once it stopped raining, the three of us went to the zoo and had the place almost completely to ourselves. It was amazing! We still talk about it sometimes. There is something magical about being nearly alone with all of those awesome animals.
6. Little Miss A is advanced! At the quads' 3 yr check-up, the doctor was asking about their gross motor skills and I mentioned that Paige still walks down the stairs with 2 feet on each step. I wasn't overly concerned. She is the shortest of the crew and I thought maybe just with shorter legs it would take longer. Well, the pedi asked, "Are you sure all 3 others are only using one foot on each step?" I told him I was certain. He said that is very surprising. That skill isn't typically acquired for another year or longer! So there you go- She is physically ahead of the curve!

Glad you enjoyed your first Thanksgiving alone. It sounds like you made it very special!

p.s. Some friends of ours moved to Alabama a few years ago and are home for the holiday. We are going to go watch the big game with them tonight. They are soooo excited about this game! It reminded me of you. (But they are Auburn fans, sorry!)

Barbara Manatee said...

"I got confused!" omgosh...can she be any cuter?? Doesn't it amaze you what they remember???

My kids counted the Christmas lights on our ride home tonight - they loved it!

Nicole said...

Such adorable moments. Thanks for sharing. Your girls are going to love reading these one day.