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November 27, 2011

Mama Loves...Bundling Up!

I've had a lot of fun over the past couple of months, checking out Julia's "Mama Loves" link-up at Pontifications of a Twin Mom. It's great to see tried and true reviews by real mamas, on real gear, books, toys, songs, and games.

As I think about the baby items that have truly stood the test of time at our house, ones I wouldn't have wanted to live without, I can't help but beam about our carrier / stroller blankets.

Before the girls were born, I found the Bundle Me covers for the girls' carriers. They came home from the hospital in these in January, and I don't think I took them off their carriers until late spring.

Here's a picture of the girls at about 10 weeks old, ready for our very first walk!

Bundle Me comes in various sizes and thicknesses. Since we live in a more moderate climate, I bought the Bundle Me Lite.

If it was cold, I could stuff a blanket down in the bottom and zip the girls up (kind of like a sleeping bag). If it was warmer, I could leave the girls in a sleep-and-play and just cover their legs.

We continued to use the Bundle Me with the girls' carriers through their first birthday.

When we invested in a jogging stroller when the girls were nine months old, one of our first purchases was a Bundle Me for it. I again bought a Lite thickness, in an extra large size (knowing the girls can use it for a long time to come).

Here's a picture of the girls on Thanksgiving weekend last year, just shy of two years old. (The Bundle Me was old news, but the mittens were quite the novelty!)

All in all, we've had a pretty warm fall. That, coupled with how often our girls walk hand-in-hand with us (not in the stroller), we've only had our Bundle Me in our stroller for a week or so. I have yet to snap any photos this year...but I'm sure I will soon.

Here's to many more walks with my sweet girlies...cozy and comfy in even the coolest of weather!


Marcia (123 blog) said...

how adorable are they in their pink!!!

Barbara Manatee said...

Its like a kid sized Snuggie! ha!

Brad Jenkins said...

Pretty soon you'll just bundle them up in so many layers they won't be able to put their arms down - just like A Christmas Story.

Val said...

AWW, gettin' so big. we are bundled up too! brrrr

Val B

championm2000 said...

Great item for winter babies!

Julia said...

Oh my goodness! The picture of your littles getting ready for their first walk is the cutest thing ever!! :)

These things are awesome! And they come in 1-3T. Perfect for walks/runs when it's cold. I wish I'd known about them last year. Wrestling the girls into their snow suits makes me sweat. Ha!

Thanks so much for linking up, Mandy! I always enjoy hearing all your great must-haves that have stood the test of time with your babies :)