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November 4, 2011

Fab 5 (-ish) Friday...and ME!!!

It’s been a fabulous week in so many respects!

1) We took the girls to our favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch on Saturday, to celebrate Baby B being such a big girl. She was so proud of herself, and the girls (and Mama!) were so tickled to enjoy some cheesy goodness…it had been a while!

2) One night this week, the girls were sitting in Daddy’s lap right before bedtime. Baby A reached over and started “fluffing” her sister’s hair. Your hair looks nice, she said. And then A said to B, “Tell me my hair looks nice.” I think I’d call that begging for a compliment…HA!

3) We had the most fantastic park date on Wednesday! Daddy hurried home from work to join us. We started on the soccer field, and the girls were actually pretty interested (for a while, at least) in running and kicking the soccer ball, and even kicking into some small practice goals. Then we headed to the playground. Baby B asked to swing (something that used to frighten her), so she and Daddy hung out there, while Baby A ran Mama ragged on the slides. It was neat to see the girls interact with a couple of other kids there…they didn’t play together, exactly, but they did share the equipment pretty nicely. We swung by the pizza place on the way home, capping off such a fun afternoon.

4) I’ve been counting the pieces of blocks, for example, when we’re cleaning up. It seems to motivate the girls to hear each piece that they drop into the bucket be acknowledged. The girls easily know their numbers to 20, and they can pick up the pattern when I start 21, 22, 23… I was so surprised when I paused after the number 69…B piped right up, Seventy! I guess they’re listening, after all!

5) On Thursday night, we had another big celebration for B. I’ll save you the [stinky] details, but we had been talking about going out for ice cream after she reached another big milestone. The milestone was reached just before bedtime, so I asked if we could just have ice cream at home and go out for ice cream the next day. The girls were giddy at having a little scoop of ice cream at home, which they never, ever have. And the first thing B said this morning when she woke up? “We’re going to have ice cream today, because it won’t be dark.

6) I taught the girls a new song this week, “On Top of Spaghetti.” They have had so much fun singing it, and in a very dramatic fashion…I love it!

And what did I do for ME this week???

I indulged in quite a bit of reading. Several nights I called it an early evening and snuggled under my covers in bed to read for a while. I finished my book last night, “Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet,” and it was really excellent. Set on the West Coast between 1942 and 1986, it follows two Asian families – one Chinese and one Japanese – beginning with the Japanese internment during WWII. It is a work of fiction, but it supposed to be historically accurate, and it was such interesting insight into two different cultures. Awesome “me” time, for sure!



Wiley said...

I need to go look up the lyrics to on top of spaghetti now!

I'm impressed by the 70. It is amazing what they pick up. Though, it can test your nerves. Our older son was at the doctor's getting a probably unnecessary EEG when the tech had to go out for something. My son started counting and made it to 693 before the tech came back. I was proud, but about to scream at the same time!

Deanna said...

Yay, B!! And I love the "70" part. It's amazing what they pick up on their own, isn't it??

Hope you're enjoying your book...that one has been on my list for awhile; maybe I'll get around to it eventually!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I swear your kids are the cleverest blog kids around :)

If mine make it to 10 without fooling around I'm happy.

The day when J joined you guys and you kicked the ball around sounds idyllic!

Mandy said...

I love counting with the girls. We do a call and response when counting usually and only go to ten. Well on Monday they made it to 14! We've never gone past ten! I didn't know they knew! So I was convinced my little ladies were made of pure genius that day! Till the next day when they made it to 17! Hahaha!

Do glad B is with the program! Does this mean you'll be accepting applications for your next set of twins to train??

Beth said...

Love afternoons at the park! We went earlier this week and enjoyed the great weather we have been having. We need to soak it upbefore it turns cold!

"Tell me my hair looks nice." Hahaha! So cute!

championm2000 said...

So much learning this week! And I am so impressed with the potty training success. Go mama!

Barbara Manatee said...

Counting to 70 AND potty training!?!?!?! wowza!! Nice work, Mama!

The book sounds interesting. might have to add that to my list of 'To Read' I'm working on the last book of The Hunger Games trilogy - loving it!