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November 29, 2011

Gettin' Crafty for Christmas

Despite the girls not following my fingerpainting directions very closely last week...going all impressionistic on me instead...I whipped out my paper punches, glue, and scissors and forged ahead with my visions of handmade gift tags for our holiday gifts.

I used a 1.5" scallop punch to cut out the girls' "wreaths".

I then used a standard hole punch to make six random holes in each wreath. And I used a 1" punch to cut circles from red card stock.

My little elves then glued the red circles on the backs of the wreaths.

I then mounted everything on a larger piece of red (and some wine-colored) card stock, then on white, to make a gift tag.

(Using the 1" red circles seems like an extra step, but it was helpful in giving the fingerpainted disks more stability...particularly when Baby A glops the paint so thickly, causing the paper to wrinkle!)

At not-quite three, our girls are still a bit young to be a lot of help in the kitchen...but I know they'll be really proud to see their handiwork adorning the homemade gifts to our neighbors and friends this holiday.

I'm linking up with Marcia at 1,2,3 Blog for her Virtual Craft Day link-up. (Thank you to Marcia for encouraging me to get crafty at least once a's not always easy to make time for it, but it's good for this mama's soul!)

And I'm linking up with Charlene at Adventures-in-Mommy-Land for Hey, Mom, Look What I Did! (Head over for loads of great inspiration to get crafting with your kiddos!)


Deanna said...

Those turned out really cute! I like the idea of using the red circle on the seems like an easy "extra" step that was easy for A & B to do.

Great inspiration!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

oh my word, those turned out so cute. There's something to the layering, isn't there?

I love your scallop punch - if I see one, I'll buy it :)

Mandy said...

This is pretty amazing! I think I might have to start an assembly line with these three!

Miss Megan said...

Those are super cute! Love the idea!

championm2000 said...

Your little elves...haha

Very cute! Please tell A&B that they did a nice job!

Just Another Mom of Twins said...

Those are totally amazing!!! Crafty you are for sure...need to be "pinned" to pinterest....LOL!


Christina said...

When did you become so crafty? ;)

Barbara Manatee said...

Those turned out so cute!! Great recovery!!

I had some 1-on-1 time with Adam tonight before J&S got home from gymnastics (Daddy took them today). I told him he could help make dinner for once (J&S like to help all the time). He was SO excited -rushed into the kitchen, tried to tug the fridge open so he could get "Wanch and Fwuit!" ha!!! Apparently that was his ideal meal!!

reanbean said...

Very cute. I'm sure A and B were very proud to be making such beautiful holiday tags!

Johanna said...

Totally adorable! I'm pinning this for an AMMG craft, if that is ok with you. You are officially a pinterest craft. ;)

Steph said...

These are so cute! What a great craft for kids, and so useful for gift giving.