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November 18, 2011

Fab 5 Friday...and ME!!!

Very thankful for another fabulous week!!!

1) We hosted a little get-together on Saturday morning (sponsored by Shutterfly) to get everyone thinking about the holiday spirit. The girls were so excited to get up to the smell of muffins in the oven, the sight of Christmas decorations on the table…and of course to welcome several of their twin friends to play. The girls played so well and shared their toys very nicely – I was so proud of my little co-hostesses!

2) On Sunday we decided to allow the girls to watch about 10 minutes of a soccer game between England and Spain (one Hubby was really having a fit to see). I thought they would be enthralled, but after less than a minute, B jumped up, got her ball to kick around the den, declaring, “I can do that!” Within 10 minutes we decided to take the girlies to the park so they could really play.

3) We had rain the first part of the week, so I decided to break out the finger paint one morning. The girls were so well behaved! They had fun mixing colors, I got some discernible handprints (a first!), and they kept their paint-covered hands where I asked. It was a very successful morning!

4) The girls have been all about snuggling lately. They’re really into reading mode, and so many times they’ve piled up on the couch with blankets, leaving a space between them for Mommy to join. We haven’t put together as many puzzles or built as many block structures as usual this week, but we’ve read tons of books to make up for it. This snuggly stage is one I’m loving!!!

5) One evening I was looking at a book and said the word “babotchka” [Russian for butterfly]. B said, “That means ‘grandmother’ in Russian!” She was close…grandmother is “babushka”…but I couldn’t believe she knew that, as I can’t begin to remember the last time I used that with them.

And what did I do for ME this week???

Miss Jennifer was here with the girls on Tuesday afternoon. I had a quick errand to run at the mall, after which I promptly high-tailed it to Panera. I got a latte in one of their big, oversized ceramic mugs, scored a comfy leather chair by the fireplace, and read a book – uninterrupted – for a good 45 minutes. Ahhh!!!

Thanks to dollimama for hosting this fantastic link-up every week...asking us mamas to step back and think about what we did for ourselves this week. I'll miss the link-up...but I hope to keep up the diligence. A little "me" time has definitely been good for my soul.


Anonymous said...

how fun to watch the girlies play soccer!! :)

and can i hire you to come and have something baking at my house when i get up? yummy.

when i went to DC i really enjoyed my time in the morning reading and drinking coffee. i missed the kids terribly, of course, but it was so nice to sit and indulge like that!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

your kids are so cute with the soccer! I love it :)

There is nothing cuter than little girls in soccer kit - did you see Johanna's post the other day with her kids? I almost died from the cuteness!

And you! I'm a little bit jealous at that decadent reading time LOL

Barbara Manatee said...

I'd love to just sit, midday and sip a latte while reading! I've been getting through my latest book so slowly b/c I only have time to read at bedtime and I'm so tired I usually fall asleep midchapter! I want to finish my book within this next week so I can read my book club book before they move onto the next one!

How fun that the girls wanted to play soccer! Much more fun than watching it!

championm2000 said...

You're right--what a fabulous week! I love the images of you snuggling and reading with the girls and then having some "me" time with a latte and a book. You have it all! :-)

Julia said...

Finger paint! Fun!

I decided that the girls were going to finger paint some canvases for Christmas presents to grandparents this year. I chose to make our first attempt at it solo. Woah!

I stripped them down to a diaper, and I'm glad I did. Paint was everywhere. Not their fault entirely. When they asked for red paint, they signed red, which involves touching their face, thus causing paint to go on their face.

It was strait into the tub after that. :)

I love that you're teaching your girls Russian! So awesome that they retain it and make those connections. The minds of little ones never cease to astound me!

Love reading your weekly celebrations of life, Mandy! :)