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March 31, 2011

Some Great New [Blog] Finds

Over the past couple of months, I’ve added some great new blogs to my blogroll. I just love connecting with other moms, and getting a glimpse into how they balance their crazy, beautiful lives!

Thank you so much to Sara of Moms Need Timeouts Too! for the Life is Sweet Award, which prompted me to think about some of my new faves. Sara’s twin girls just turned two, so we obviously have a lot in common. And I just learned she’s an only child, like me, and I always think that’s interesting to go from a base knowledge of one child, to having multiples!

So, besides Moms Need Timeouts Too! (don’t you just LOVE the title of that blog?!), what are those new faves of mine???

Pontifications of a Twin Mom. Julia is such a beautiful mom, inside and out, to her twin girls who just turned one. She is a great writer, and she posts some really thought-provoking and inspirational pieces. Check out her “True Beauty Conversations” on Fridays (here’s the link to one of my favorite posts).

Twins Plus One, Three Times the Fun. In addition to being a great writer, Holly Ann is quite the juggler. Her tagline says it all: “Being a Mother of Multiples was the most exciting, frustrating, adventurous, exhausting, and wonderful experience of my life…and then I had another baby!” Holly also balances a job outside the home, too. Her boy/girl twins are three, and her younger son is

Double the Giggles. Margie’s twin boys are 19 months old. She juggles them with an awesome sense of humor. And she recently posted about having flown with them = she’s my hero.

Our Life with the mg Twins. Carrie’s twin girls are a couple of months older than our girls. I love to read about what’s they’re up to, as it provides a glimpse into our not-so-distant future.

…and there are a couple of not-so-new-to-me blogs that I’ve really been enjoying lately.

My Sweet Life with Two Twinkies and a Cupcake. Barb’s blog was one of the first I read when I joined the blog world a little over a year ago. I somehow kinda fell out of touch with her, but I’m so glad to have reconnected. Her boy/girl twins are four, and her younger son is the same age as our girls. Be sure to check out the series of posts on autism she’ll be doing during the month of April.

Life Not Finished. I’ve also been reading Dolli-Mama for a number of months, dating back to before her now-nine-month old twin girls were born. She’s also mama to three-year old Mr. Mischief. :) Dolli-Mama is hosting an awesome link-up on Fridays, called 52 Weeks of ME, encouraging us mamas to focus on ourselves, even if just for a few minutes, each week. She’s also a great writer. Check out one of my favorite recent posts of hers, about finding the silver lining of a house full of sick kiddos.

Please feel free to accept this award and pass it along to five other bloggers (or six, in my case!)…or no pressure if not…I just haven’t taken the opportunity in a while to highlight some of the moms that keep me sane on a daily basis. Thanks, Ladies!!!


Marcia (123 blog) said...

You do these blog award things SO nicely, Mandy :)

And yay for you!

Andrea said...

Very nice write-up! Congratulations! I need to visit the few you listed that I don't already follow! Hope you have a nice Friday! :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the new people to check out!

i've been meaning to comment for awhile. i can read but not comment on my work computer :( boo.

hopefully tomorrow :)

Barbara Manatee said...

Can I saw how much you rock for not only giving me a shout out...but also letting people know about my month of Autism Awareness posts!?! Thanks Mandy! I've been working on posts all evening and I'm excited about what's ahead!!

Holly Ann said...

Aww! Thank you so much, Mandi! I'm so enjoying being a part of this blog world and meeting other multiple moms! Your blog never ceases to put a smile on my face!

Julia said...

Thanks, Mandy! {blushing} I so appreciate meeting you through the blogging world. Thank you for blessing my life with your wit and wisdom as you pen pieces of your life here in this place.

Carrie said...

Thanks Mandy! I feel so bad for only responding now. I have been out of town and only reading blogs now. Thanks for the sweet shout out! It's been fun learning how our girls can be so similar.