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March 18, 2011

Fab 5 Friday...and ME!

Despite a rainy start, this has been a truly fabulous week!

1) Baby A’s Nursery Rhyme of the Week has been Humpty Dumpty…she’s said it at least 100 times, I’m sure. One day she paused after “Humpty Dumpty had a great fall,” and said, Poor Humpty.” She had the most serious look on her face, too!

2) Thursday was the most beautiful afternoon, and I took the girls for a middle-of-the-week frozen yogurt treat. When we got home it was just too pretty to go inside, so I took the girls on a little walk around the neighborhood, hand in hand. I’ll bet we walked half a mile, and the girls loved every step. At one point, Baby A said, “[Baby A] having good time!” And her sister chimed in, “[Baby B] having good time, too!

3) The girls have become obsessed with “belly sugar” lately. A certain mama might have even had to unfasten a onesie after a diaper change to collect a forgotten kiss…at the insistence of a certain baby girl. (Trust me, this mama didn’t mind!)

4) I made Shrimp in Cajun Cream Sauce on Wednesday. The girls love shrimp, but I didn’t know how they’d respond to the spicy nature of that dish. They LOVED it…eating every morsel, and asking for more. Them’s my girls!

5) This seems to have been another big week for communication. It’s amazing how the girls are speaking in sometimes complete sentences! This week, one of the big breakthroughs has been the use of “the” and the more frequent use of “and”. I realize I must have been emphasizing those words with the girls, though, as I’ve heard them say, “I read THE book!” “The kitty…black AND white!” Hahaha!

And what did I do for ME this week???

I had a fabulous, leisurely lunch with a dear friend (the girls’ Aunt Karen) on Saturday while the girls napped. We met at one of my very favorite restaurants – a shabby chic sandwich and pizza shop, where most of the ingredients are organic and none of the chairs match. It was even warm enough for us to sit outside on the patio. Between the food and the atmosphere…and of course the yummy conversation…it was heavenly!


Here's looking forward to another fabulous week (one that's supposed to be filled with more sunshine and warm weather...hallelujah!!!)!


penguinsandladybugs said...

That sounds like a great place to have a lunch! I love that you went for a walk with your kiddos, too! It is lovely weather right now....glad you are able to enjoy it!!!

Julia said...

Hooray for love of spicy food, walks outside, dining outside, and the company of a great friend!

Sounds like an awesome week! Have a fabulous weekend!

Onesie Mommy said...

Stopping by from the ME Challenge. Love the story of your little ones walking around the block hand in hand "having a good time!" So precious!

Enjoying lunch with a friend... what a great way to do something for yourself.

Have a great weekend with your girls.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

that lunch place sounds like exactly what I need!

also reminds me of Clarens when we went last year.

ps can you share your shrimp recipe? it sounds delicious and I'm looking for some new (hot and spicy) recipes as we move into colder weather.

Beth said...

so cute! Love that they told you they were "having a good time!" too sweet!!

Andrea said...

Love them saying " having a good time" that is way too sweet! So glad you have been enjoying the beautiful weather! It has been awesome!

Great ME time! Good for you! Have a great weekend!

Dolli-Mama said...

I nice lunch with the girls, that's awesome! Sounds fabulous!
Thanks for linking up

Barbara Manatee said...

The walk (& lunch) outside sounds heavenly! We got a taste of warmer weather and sun this week too...but we were all too sick to really enjoy it much :-( Hopefully it'll be back soon!