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March 6, 2011

Happy Birthday, Aunt GG!

Aunt GG is the girls' great-great aunt. She's always been like a second grandmother to me, and I'm so happy that the girls are so enamored with her, as I always was.

Today is Aunt GG's birthday, and here's the birthday poem we wrote for her card...

We talk to Aunt GG every day,
And we can’t wait for her to come and play!
Tea parties, baby dolls, and cooking galore…
We bet she’d even like to take us to the store!

We’d show her Target, Sam’s, and the mall,
Oh, my goodness, we’d have a ball!
Then we’d go for ice cream, a little treat,
And then we’d let her smell our feet!

On your birthday, we just want to say,
Hope you have a very special day!

(Here's a picture of Aunt GG "smelling" the girls' feet, during a visit in August!)

Happy birthday, Aunt GG! We love you!!!


Rebecca said...

That is so sweet...I want an Aunt GG!!

Andrea said...

Too sweet! Love the picture!

Happy Birthday Aunt GG! Hope it is grand!

reanbean said...

Such a sweet poem. I'm sure she loved it.

And that photos is priceless!