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May 28, 2010

Fab 5 Friday

I'm so thankful for another fabulous week!

1) Friday night we took the girls to our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner. I would usually feed them before we go, and then give them a snack and a couple of nibbles from my plate. Since they had been really interested in my plate the last time we ate there, I decided to try to feed them dinner there…off the menu…AND THEY LOVED IT!!! They did great…eating black beans and rice and a chicken quesadilla like old pros. And maybe technically they are, since I ate there at least once a week my entire pregnancy. :)

2) The girls and I had a sweet afternoon treat on Tuesday. We went to Sonic and sat under the covered patio, them in their stroller, and me in my flip-flops. We shared a junior Oreo sundae. They enjoyed watching the bigger kids run around the playground, and I enjoyed reading a magazine for a good fifteen minutes.

3) On Wednesday the girls got to see all their twinnie friends. We had a play date at the park with Kate and Spencer, and then we went for a walk with Ava and Mattie. I promise I will let them have singleton friends one day, but for now seeing double is just fun.

4) The girls are enjoying playing with their new baby dolls. They’re especially cute when they ask Daddy or me to wrap their dollies in blankets for them. They’re such sweet little mommies.

5) Upon request, Baby B will attempt to say Baby A’s name. It’s the cutest, sweetest, most darling thing ever. It also makes me think we might need an easier-to-say nickname for Baby B, like “Bee”. Otherwise I might have to wait a few more years before Baby A returns the favor.

Life is so very good.


The Mommy said...

Sounds like the girls had a rocking time!
Don't you love this interactive stage?

Rebecca said...

I love your Tuesday fun!

Christina said...

What a great is amazing isn't it? :))