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May 25, 2010

Babies Having Babies

(This post is not really such a serious topic...but the title almost seems to fit…)

The girls have been playing with a couple of sets of dolls, one plush, and one mostly plush. Given their recent fascination with babies, I thought it might be time to give them one of the sets of twin dolls they got for their birthday. These dolls have soft bodies, but their heads, arms, and legs make them look much more like real babies.

I walked into the den yesterday cradling both dolls. You should have seen the girls’ faces light up! They both exclaimed, “Baby!”

Since then, they’ve hardly put the dolls down. They have played with other toys, but it’s primarily been with one of their dolls tucked under their arms.

Seeing the girls run around, clutching their “babies”, makes me realize they’re not so much babies themselves anymore…they’re changing into little girls before my eyes.

I am certainly looking forward to the days of tea parties and dress-up (and sidewalk chalk and Big Wheels…just so you don’t think I’m pushing them to like only frilly things…), but wow! I didn’t expect it to be coming on so soon!


Eric, Marilyn, and Elliott said...

This post made me chuckle because it really speaks volumes about the difference between girls and boys. Elliott loves to give his "baby" a big hug...and then slam its head into the floor and scream "NO, BABY!" He thinks my shocked reaction is hilarious.

reanbean said...

How sweet! It is amazing how lost in play they can get when baby dolls are involved. My guys got a completely soft doll (that Fisher Price my first doll) for Easter last year (when they were just over a year), and then got their first real baby dolls this past Christmas. They love them and play with them every day. Since then, we've gotten two more baby dolls for outside play (ones that were cheap and easy to throw in the wash) and numerous accessories- high chairs, bottles with disappearing milk or juice, strollers, and potties (mostly second hand and super cheap). I recently caught Tiny trying to put a size 5 diaper on her 12 inch baby doll. It was so cute and so funny. I guess I'll be cutting out some felt diapers to add to the mix!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

I am still waiting for my girls to fall in love with their baby dolls - sigh.
They love to play with stuffed animals vs dolls.

Christina said...

Mine just started "feeding" their babies. They love them too, but aren't to attached to them yet...just those darn blankies I can't go anywhere without!

Anonymous said...

that's so fun! :) i can't wait for them to have favorite toys!

i thought your post was going to be about 16 and pregnant! lol.

Lani said...

aww... how cute:) Mine all (boys too) go in and out of loving dolls. And Lil loves to jump in my arms and lean back and say "Mommy, I baby!" which shows me that she's really not a baby anymore, and she knows it now because she's pretending to be. It's all too, too soon!!