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May 14, 2010

Fab 5 Friday

A few highlights from my fabulous week:

1) The girls ate beets this week…and liked them! And I just think that’s kinda cool.

2) We had a great family afternoon on Saturday. We had lunch at one of my favorite dives, Greener Groundz, a “shabby chic” sandwich shop close to downtown. Then we strolled around the Square and enjoyed a coffee at Spencer’s. To top it off, the girls got to see the carriage horses up close for the first time as they made their way around the Square. They were thrilled and couldn’t sign “horse” fast enough.

3) Sunday was Mother’s Day, my second one as a mommy. Last year I was still a bit lost in the throes of the newborn hamster wheel, but this year I really appreciated the day with my beautiful baby girls.

4) We had lunch at Garcia’s with Auntie Shanda on Thursday for her birthday. Although I fed the girls their lunch before we left home, I gave them each a slice of my chicken quesadilla (cut into pieces) at the restaurant. They loved it! Yup, they’re my girls, alright!

5) The girls are obsessed with saying “Bye-bye!” It cracks me up when, midway through a phone conversation, one of them will try to declare I’ve talked enough. They will start saying, “Bye-bye!” and waving. C’mon Mom, we’re ready for your full attention!

I can’t help but love the antics of Baby A and Baby B!


Rebecca said...

Beets? I've never thought of that! I'm sure my kids would fake puke if I showed them a beet...they go on appearance, ya know?

When we're Skyping with someone in the morning and they want to watch their videos instead, they'll start screaming "bye-bye" and waving cracked me up, but it's so rude!

Apok said...

Since when were beets cool?