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January 25, 2015

The Perfect Snowy Day. Seriously.

On Saturday morning, we woke up to a good 2" of snow.  We've had fun in the snow before, but this was absolutely, positively The Most Perfect Snowy Day.  Ever.

We enjoyed a warm breakfast with scrambled eggs and cheese, and then we promptly began to bundle up to head outside.  I invested in snow bibs for the girls back in the fall...we were so excited to break them in!

We got outside around 8:30.  The sun was shining brightly, and it really wasn't very cold.  Baby A made a beeline for the front yard and started making snow angels.

Baby B quickly followed suit.

After a few angels, Baby A wanted to RUN!!!

Baby B ran a little, but stopped to appreciate the angel she made.

After RUNNING, Baby A decided to try out forward-facing snow angels.  It didn't make a very pretty outline...but it sure made a pretty picture!!!

At one point (looking for a cute picture, I was), I encouraged the girls to taste some snow.  Baby A wasn't a fan...

...and neither was Baby B, but her distaste was short-lived.  "It's just frozen water," she said.

And then Baby A decided to try an army crawl.  HA!

The girls asked me to get out their "snow castle" gear.  I suggested we build in back of the house, where we don't get so much sun, hoping their village would last longer.  They packed a few buckets to make a small city.  Baby A started talking about the break in the sidewalk being an interstate.  HA!

[A couple of times, Baby A said, "Is this picture time or play time?"  Hahaha!  I played far more than I took pictures...but I had to capture some things on film, too!]

The girls had been dying to go sledding since they saw the first glimpse of snow.  Over breakfast, we watched some of the neighbor kids attempt to sled, but there didn't seem to be enough snow.  I originally told the girls we'd just have to enjoy playing in the snow...but I finally decided to let them give it a try.  I'm so glad I did!

The first few trips down the hill were not exactly smooth.  I scooted the girls down most of the way, and they'd slide a foot or so before having to inch along.  Eventually, though, the snow became packed.  As long as we stuck to our "trail", we flew!

Baby B was WHIZZING here!

And I can't get over how "professional" she looks, holding her board.  Who says a girl from Alabama (at least at heart) can't compete in the Winter Games???

I was really lucky that some of the neighbor kids had abandoned their sleds by the hill we like.  After seeing the girls having so much fun, I borrowed one of their sleds and joined in the fun.  It was exhilarating!!!

The girls had snow bibs, but they had on their regular Ugg-style boots.  I knew my feet were feeling pretty chilly, so I thought it was probably time to head inside.  I asked Baby A at one point how her feet were.  "Oh, they're fine.  I can't even feel them."  Yikes!!!

Here are the girls, wiped out at the bottom of the hill.  What fun we had!!!

After an incredible morning, the snow melted by mid-afternoon.  That's my kind of snow...loads of fun, but none of the stuck-in-the-house to go along with it.

I never want to forget this day...hearing Baby A's raspy laugh as she gathered speed down the hill, and Baby B's notorious giggle as she did the same...sledding down with the girls (one at a time), and wiping out together, doing an extra roll or two in the snow and snuggling up tight...and Baby A's characterization, after homemade hot chocolate inside, "This was the best morning ever, Mommy."

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Marcia (123 blog) said...

That hot chocolate sounds good right about now :)

They look SO CUTE in their winter wear!!!