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January 30, 2015

One-on-One Time with *This* Kid

On Saturday, I had a monster grocery list to accomplish.  A monster grocery list + Saturday afternoon shoppers does not = fun with two kiddos (even with a hubby in tow).

Hubby and I decided to divvy up and enjoy some one-on-one time...definitely less stress, and such sweet fun, to boot!

I explained the situation to the girls, and Baby B volunteered to hang out at home with Daddy.  She was all excited...UNTIL she learned that Mommy and Baby A were going to enjoy a special snack as part of the grocery trip.  I was able to even that out by making Daddy and B big bowls of ice cream (with chocolate syrup!) before A and I headed out.

Baby A said she wanted to go to Panera.  That didn't take any convincing for me!  This little girl was stoked to choose a cookie.  And it didn't hurt my feelings that she picked a Valentine's Day one with yummy lemon icing!

The only thing more picturesque would have been if we'd gotten the table by the fireplace.  But then I wouldn't have had the window light to appreciate this precious little face.

I snapped these pics with my phone.  They're not photographic masterpieces, but they're still a great reminder of very sweet time enjoyed together.

Such a bright smile!

Digging in!
Before I handed the cookie to A, I broke off a small piece for me.  "You can have the big part, Mommy," she told me.  What a dear heart she has.

We chatted and joked and toasted, and she alternately sat in her chair and snuggled in my lap.  And as I was finishing my cup of coffee, Baby A introduced me to something new (for her).  "Have you ever heard of a staring contest?" she asked me.  This kiddo is quite the competitor!

It was hard not to crack up with those bright eyes smiling at me!

My heart was very full, hanging out with this baby girl...and also being reminded of the many, many treats A & B and I enjoyed at Panera over the past five years.

Looking forward to one-on-one time with Baby B this weekend!



Mandy said...

The girls have "statue" contests, but before each one they check that they can move their eyes. This week they've been times to run with the carpool line, so I'm ushering statues out of the van! Ha!
These are some of the things I don't mind coming home from school!!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

Love the staring contest. Connor and I engage in those too :)

(and you know I love 1:1 kid dates, especially for twins)

Mama Mama Quite Contrary said...

We do special time. Once a week, one of our daughters gets two hours to spend doing something just with Mommy or Daddy. We have a schedule and it has been wonderful for our family. Today I took Jude to the children's museum and she told me that the best part of being who she is is being a twin!